Oh Roger Goodell…Bless Your Heart

“Victory is Mine”

That’s what Saints linebacker Jon Vilma tweeted moments after learning his suspension and those of three other players would be overturned as part of the Saints’ bounty scandal. Quoting a cartoon character from “Family Guy” was an apropos way to sum up what’s been a joke of a scandal all off-season long. Punishments with no proof. Speculation with no substance. It hasn’t flown with Saints fans. Apparently, it didn’t fly with a 3-member appeals panel either.

The panel ruled Vilma, Will Smith, Anthony Hargrove and Scott Fujita would be eligible to play this weekend. But it’s not exactly over. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell could still step in and reinstate the suspensions if he has proof that Saints players had a scheme to injure opponents. You know, the kind of proof many of us have been pleading for since this nonsense became front page news. I wonder which intern has been tasked with scrolling frame by frame through game footage to find players slipping each other 20s on the sideline after a big hit. Maybe they’ll hire a lip-reading expert to see if Jon Vilma is caught saying “I’ll give you five bucks if you break Kurt Warner’s neck.” Or maybe, just maybe, Goodell will have the good sense to do what he should have done from the beginning. Get a f*cking grip!

Quite honestly, we didn’t need these suspensions overturned because we were pretty damn well set on kicking ass up and down the field, appeals victory or not. At this point, we kindly re-extend the offer to the hater nation to sit the f*ck down and step the f*ck off. It’s football season again and we don’t have time to entertain this a second longer. Kindly give us our coach back and then feel free to get out of our lives. Or don’t. We really don’t give two shits anymore.

We firmly intend to take care of business one way or another. If anything, this ordeal has done little more than fire up the team and the fans. We look forward to proving to everyone that giving some millionaire $50 for a big play is not what led the Saints to a Super Bowl. We won that championship because our team was just that damn awesome. The only reason Saints fans won’t spit in the commish’s food when he comes to NOLA to watch them play in the Super Bowl next year is because it’s unbecoming of a southerner. And in keeping with those southern roots, I’ll sum up our feelings in five little words: Bless your sweet, sweet heart.

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  1. nolaguerita says:

    I understand that Rog wants the sport to be safer for players, but what he did to the Saints was outrageous. Despite the fact that EVERY TEAM in the NFL has bounties, and the fact that “targeted” players like Kurt Warner & Brett Favre both said they never felt like anyone was out to get them, and the fact that teams like the Steelers have rapists at QB & team members talk openly about how they want to truly hurt their rivals (Baltimore), the punishments handed down were beyond the supposed crime, AND they had no freaking proof! I can’t think of a single job I’ve ever had where someone could suspend, fire, or otherwise punish me for something without explanation or proof, or giving me a chance to defend myself.

    The NFL has long been shady about its penalty policies, wildly inconsistent, and this needs to stop. There needs to be a system in place to keep it honest & make it clear to the players & coaches what is and isn’t allowed, and what the penalties will be for various actions. As it stands, the coaches & players aren’t clear on the rules, and they can’t trust their employer to treat them fairly. This wouldn’t be okay in any other company, so why should the NFL be any different?

    That said, thanks for another inspiring post, NolaChick, looking forward to another great year of the Black & Gold with you & all the Chicks!! Who Dat!!

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