NFaiL: Vince is Broke and Chad is Sorry

Oh Vinny Young. It seems like just a few years ago you were losing your mind as quarterback of the Tennessee Titans. Now, you’re broke, jobless and apparently a future Weight Watchers spokesperson due to a Cheesecake Factory addiction.

They grow up so fast!

We learned this week that not only did Vince Young squander away $26 million over his six year career, but we also heard rumors about just what he may have wasted his money on. Apparently Vince just loves him some Louisiana Chicken Pasta from Chessecake Factory (and who among us doesn’t?) because he reportedly dropped about $5k a week at the restaurant during his rookie season. That’s according to waiters who called into a radio show called 3HL. A waiter at T.G.I.Friday’s also called in claiming Young once spent $6,000 there on a meal. And someone who claims to work for Southwest Airlines says Young once purchased nearly all of the seats on a passenger plane so he could fly from Nashville to Houston.

Hmmm…are you buying these claims? (Because if you don’t buy them, Vince probably would!)

Speaking of train wrecks, Chad Johnson, (formerly Ochocinco, formerly Johnson) gave his first interview since destroying his life the altercation with his soon to be ex-wife Evelyn Lozada and being released from the Miami Dolphins. In an interview with Showtime’s “Inside the NFL”, Johnson gets emotional when talking about losing the two loves of his life”: Football and his wife.

Cheer up, Chad. If NFL fans can get over Mike Vick drowning dogs, you too can play in the league again someday!

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