NFaiL: In (Pseudo) Defense of Replacement Refs

I woke up this morning and immediately went online to make sure it was all a nightmare. Turns out, the horrific end to that Packers/Seahawks Monday Night Football game actually happened. And yes, Roger Goodell still has his job.

In the immediate aftermath of the “Touchception”, the knee-jerk reaction for many of us was to blame the replacement referees for making such a ridiculous call. And yes, when you look at this picture, it’s clear they’re either idiots or paid by the mob.

I mean…really?

To make matters worse, they reviewed and upheld their own stupid call, despite having the opportunity to see in slow motion that not only did M.D. Jennings first get his hands on the ball but he also came down with it. So yes, the referees deserve Bengay in their jock straps, “Revenge of the Nerds” style. But let’s face it: these clowns didn’t hire themselves. In fact, what happened last night highlights one of the biggest issues with the NFL today. It has become a victim on its own success.

The NFL can’t continue to celebrate how widespread the game is without thinking everyone who makes up the sport won’t want a piece of the pie. This league learned absolutely nothing from the lockout debacle with players. In the end, it’s not the suits and owners who make this game what it is. It’s the folks on the field. Like it or not NFL, they have leverage and they must be taken seriously because when you poop on them, what you end up with is a nationally televised game ending with a missed penalty and a bad call. The NFL continues to make the mistake of thinking that the old white men with all the money still have all the power. No one would watch this game with replacement players. And make no mistake about it, the NFL will lose fan support if they continue to use replacement refs.

I feel for the Packer nation. Beyond that, I have a greater respect for them in that they not only returned to the field for that worthless extra point play, but they managed to do it without punching Pete Carroll in the face. (What coach shamelessly celebrates that his team won the game on an obviously bad call?) I hope this game was the kick in the pants the NFL needed to get its shit together. Bring back Ed Hochuli with his striped baby tee and the rest of the professionals in the officiating crew or just go ahead and put the asterisk next to this season so we can all officially stop caring.

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