Chick Fights: Clash of the Fans

Leave the hair pulling and drink throwing to the ladies of Basketball Wives. When it comes to female football fans, hitting a rival where it hurts is all about getting the “W” on the field. That’s why the female fan site Chicks in the Huddle has teamed up with to profile the fiercest, most loyal female football fans around as they prepare for their teams’ most anticipated match-ups of the season.

This week’s “Chick Fight” pits a Giants die-hard against a certified Eagle-holic. It’s an NFC East showdown that’s got more drama than, well pretty much any show you’ll see on Bravo. After all, this team rivalry dates back all the way to 1933. But before we break down the match-up, lets introduce you to these gridiron-loving ladies.

Team Eagles: Elizabeth Engel, Washington, DC
Years as a Fan: If birth isn’t an acceptable answer, then let’s say since age 5 and the arrival of Dick Vermeil in Philadelphia.
Her True Fan Confession: I made my native Bostonian spouse convert before I’d agree to marry him. Different religions? Sure. Different football teams? No way, buddy!
Why She Loves The Eagles: Some of my fondest memories from my childhood growing up in the Philadelphia suburbs are of picking up hoagies from the corner deli on the way home from church on Sunday and settling in for an afternoon of Eagles football. No matter how far we roam, we NEVER change teams. Well, not unless we WANT our families to pretend we’re dead.
Team She Hates the Most: The Cowboys, of course. A close second would be the Patriots. Tom Brady’s hair annoys me. And why does Bill Belichick insist on dressing like he’s homeless?
Prediction: The Eagles will win another nail-biter, 19-17, because I cannot see the team letting the fans down at home on such an emotional night. If they do, they sleepover at the Linc, because people will be out for blood.

Team Giants: Chloe Henderson, Atlanta, GA
Years as a Fan: 10. I grew up in Jacksonville and was a big fan of Tom Coughlin and what he did for the Jaguars. When he ended up leaving the Jags and becoming coach of the Giants, my fan love went right with him.
Her True Fan Confession: I fell in love with a Redskins fans. That’s right, two fans of opposing NFC East teams live under the same roof. And yet somehow, we haven’t wound up on an episode of Cops.
Why She Loves the Giants: With players like Eli Manning and Osi Umenyiora on the roster, what’s not to love? Plus, they’re so scrappy. Even when the Giants are down, you can never count them out!
Team She Hates the Most: Cowboys. Ugh…
Prediction: I’ll spot the home team a touchdown to be polite. Giants 20-Eagles 7

They’ve made their predictions, now here is ours. Both of these teams are about as predictable as a Matthew Perry sitcom. You never know when the long arm of suck is going to reach out and grab them by the throats. The Giants pounced on the Panthers last week and left quarterback Cam Newton pouting on the sidelines. As for the Eagles, they looked more like lame ducks after that butt kicking courtesy of the Cardinals. Both teams have talent and both have a penchant to underachieve. But the Eagles have won 7 of the last 8 against the G-Men and they’ve got home-field advantage in this one. Barring an unforeseen return of the replacement refs to totally jack everything up, here’s Chicks in the Huddle’s prediction:

Eagles 24 Giants 20

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