Bills/Niners to put up ground fight

It’ll be a battle of the running backs when the Bills take on the 49ers in Cali.

Some people think San Francisco has this game in the bag because they’ll be coming off the hype of last week’s trampling of the Jets. I say that Buffalo will be desperate to dry my tears from last week’s cruelty and prove that this season is not going to be same old same old, two motivators to come up with a big win.

Putting points on the board is No.1 here, but it’ll be equally critical that Buffalo’s defense takes a look at last week’s shenanigans and makes sure it replicates none of them. The Bills gave up 247 yards on the ground against the Patriots and on the flip side, the Niners pounded away for 245 yards rushing against the Jets. Fun fact for Buffalo’s defense: the 49ers choose to run the ball just about half the time.

Both teams have a dynamic running game, but San Fran favors the ground as a mode for getting points while Buffalo tends to even things out with a little rushing, a little passing, which could work in their favor. If Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller can be productive on the ground and Fitz can connect with Stevie Johnson and Scott Chandler for some points, the Bills could really have a shot at winning this.

The key will be powering through that San Francisco defense, which is strong against the run, and continuing successful red zone offense, an area the Bills have excelled in all season.

Objectives for Week 5: beast mode on the ground, solid wall on defense, no more injuries, preserve Bills Chick’s remaining sanity.

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