Bills Chick gives thanks

As we round out Week 11 with a 4-6 record, I’m beginning to feel weak. Maybe it’s because there are only six weeks of the regular season left, meaning seven dismal football-less months loom. Or, it could be because I’ve been too poor to attend the bar for two weeks and am suffering from Bills fan withdrawal, an affliction that occurs when you haven’t seen a Buffalo logo or made friends with a random fan or heard the “Shout!” song in awhile. But mostly, it’s because I’m worried the Bills will end up with a record that inaccurately reflects what this season could have been.

So, instead of languishing in our misery, let’s give thanks for what we do have.

I’m thankful…

…that Buffalo beat Miami this week. And, they did it on Thursday Night Football, a welcome diversion from the usual primetime fiascos of years past.

…for C.J. Spiller. With my main man Freddy J suffering so many injury-induced swindles, Spiller has been a solid, reliable force, with 723 yards rushing and 336 yards receiving this year.

…for Bills Mafia. It’s much easier to weather the storm with a band of fans just as crazily intense as myself. It’s like therapy, without the copays.

…for Rian Lindell. Whenever the offense just can’t seem to find the end zone, he’s always there for me.

…for surprises on defense. Just when it seems like Mario Williams will be perpetually MIA or opportune interceptions will become a thing of the past, they appear in the form of big tackles and Jairus Byrd and Bryan Scott.

…for my Billy the Buffalo pillow pet. He’s comforted me through many a rough Sunday night.

…that my parents still love me amidst the Sunday rants/text message attacks.

…that the Bills still exist! Even though I never pay attention to the yearly banter about whether or not the Buffalo Bills will remain in Buffalo, Gov. Andrew Cuomo still put my mind at ease earlier this year.

What are you thankful for this football season?


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Alyssa, a.k.a. Bills Chick, is known for out-cheering any dude, would make a promising wide receiver and is ridiculously in love with Denzel Washington and Chelsea Handler.
Twitter Handle: @lysssie


  1. giantman says:

    Giants are the best. Billschick you suck. Realize your cheering for the wrong team.

  2. hey i REALLY ENJOY reading your blog. im a bbw faantic, and a guy. lol. your blog i guess in a better sense helps me understand women a little more. (because there are so many different types of women) anyway. im 25, i live in tx ,no kids, im a guy, and i thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, it makes me chuckle. Thanks champ!

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