Girl Football Star Scores Wheaties Cover

If you’ve wondered why the Saints’ running game has gotten so much better over the last few weeks, maybe it’s because they’ve been watching game tape of the hottest new stud to take the football world by storm. Sam Gordon showcases amazing moves on a highlight reel that went viral last week. Oh…we should also mention Sam is a 9-year-old girl.

Her prowess has earned her spots on ESPN and the NFL Network. And while it’s true that it doesn’t take a lot to look sharp next to the likes of Warren Sapp, this ultimate “chick in the huddle” sure did hold her own with the former pros. Gordon’s even got sports stars like Barry Sanders and Desmond Howard tweeting about her. She’s like Danica Patrick…except she actually wins stuff! Her stat sheet includes 35 touchdowns, 65 tackles and nearly 2,000 rushing yards this season. (Hmm…the Bills are probably inquiring about whether she’ll be draft eligible next year.)

Now we’ve learned Gordon is getting rewarded for her groundbreaking talent by reaching the “sports star mountain top.” She’ll get her own Wheaties Box cover. Not only is she the first female football player to earn such an honor but she’s also the first pee-wee player of ANY sport to do it.

If you think this is all just a PR stunt for Wheaties, you might change your mind when you see her in action. Check out Sam’s moves for yourself…and eat her dust!

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