Chick Fight: Packers v 49ers

We’ve hit the sweet spot of the NFL playoffs. The divisional round separates the Super Bowl contenders from the pretenders. It’s where heartbreak happens, where legends are made and where players and fans with chips on their shoulders finally get a shot to prove the naysayers wrong.

This week’s Chick Fight features fans of two teams that are no stranger to this stage of the quest for Super Bowl glory. In fact, both of their teams made it to this round just last year. So you know their fans are hungry to get over the hump and ease on down the road to the big dance in the Big Easy.

Team Packers: Rebecca Buer (Atlanta, GA)

Why she loves her team so much: When you are born and raised in Milwaukee, two things are certain: You will love the Packers with everything inside of you and you’ll be the only person you know outside of Milwaukee who is disappointed when a bar doesn’t serve Miller Lite.

Game day rituals? There are certain other out-of-state cheeseheads who I just have to text on game day. And of course, you won’t catch me without my green and gold.

Team she hates the most? (All together now….) Da Bears!

Score prediction: Packers 30- 49ers 21

Team 49ers: Danielle Bendorf (Puyallup, WA…aka Seahawk territory)

Why she loves her team so much?
Born and raised on the Niners in the 80’s (Walsh, Montana, Rice, Clark, Craig)! At the age of 2 my dad would yell “TOUCHDOWWWN!!!” and I would immediately respond with a thumbs up and say “GO NINERS!!!!” It’s in my blood.

Weirdest superstitions?
I am fully convinced that in the face of impending doom I can hold to my St. Christopher’s necklace, pray hard, and stare intently at the TV to sway all outcomes in our team’s favor.

Team she hates the most? The Cowboys, of course!

Score prediction: 49ers will win 31-24, oh and of course, that they’ll go on to defeat the Seahawks in the NFC championships! (Yeah, she said it!)

The Breakdown:
This is a classic match-up of high flying offense versus punishing defense…aka football at its best. The 49ers have home field advantage, which should take a little bit of the pressure off Colin Kaepernick in his playoff debut as a starting QB. The Niners also have one of the fastest, hardest hitting defenses in the league. That means Packers QB Aaron Rodgers may have fewer opportunities for his high-scoring razzle dazzle. But even on a bad day, Rodgers can be dangerous. Plus, he’s got the experience and a healthy team just in time for a postseason run. This match-up has “Discount-Double Check” written all over it.

Chicks in the Huddle’s Score Prediction:
Packers 35
49ers 24

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