Super Bowl Blackout: You’re Welcome

Oh New Orleans, you did it again! In what would otherwise be considered a snoozer of a Super Bowl, you added a little color. (What? Black is a color!) Without that bizarre power outage in the dome in the 3rd quarter, the highlight of the game would have been Jacoby Jones’ touchdown dance a.k.a The Beanie Weenie. I mean, I guess the touchdown itself was cool but the dance? That was just stellar.

It seems like when the lights went out in the dome, all the energy transferred to the 49ers. Up until then, they couldn’t move the ball or stop the Ravens. After the blackout, they scored 17 unanswered points. It finally gave us fans what we had been waiting for: a competitive football game!

Of course today, all the pundits want to do is question New Orleans and whether it was ‘ready’ to host a Super Bowl. They want to bash the city for its “national embarrassment.” Get over yourselves, bros! Were it not for that blackout, I wouldn’t have busted a gut reading hilariously snarky tweets about what sparked the blackout. Most folks would have flipped to see what was on Cartoon Network by the 4th quarter. We would have missed John Harbaugh’s sideline meltdown, which was eerily reminiscent of Jim Harbaugh’s sideline meltdowns. Oh…and we may not have gotten that highly anticipated moment of Super Bowl “Kaepernicking.”

Before the blackout, we had nothing. The game sucked. The ads sucked. Without Beyonce’s halftime show, I would have started snorting crushed Doritos just to feel alive. But once the lights went out, things got electrifying! There were so many questions. So many confused faces. So much chaos. lt was classic NOLA!

It’s hilarious how the media is acting like part of the Superdome roof collapsed and trapped cheerleaders under the rubble. They’re actually questioning whether New Orleans will get to host another Super Bowl. Uhhhh…of course the city will host a Super Bowl again! That’s because the overall experience of celebrating the biggest game of the year in the Big Easy overshadows a technical glitch. If anything, the blackout levels the playing field for other cities that lack 70 degree weather in January, a nonstop street party within walking distance to the stadium and world class food.

Without the blackout, all we’d have to talk about today is a lopsided football game that was over before you had even started recovering from your first hangover. Instead, we have this tumbler.

So to those who want to criticize New Orleans for the blackout, we say ‘lighten up!” The reason folks love our city is because we know how to brush things off and keep the party rolling. And at the end of the day, you know like we know that without the outage, that game just wouldn’t have been worth the 2,000 calories you consumed in a 4-hour time span. So yeah…you’re welcome!

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