Top 5 Celebrity Saints Fans

It’s easy and quite frankly a little boring to be a fan of major sports teams like the Lakers, Cowboys and Yankees. But it takes a REAL man (or chick) to root for the little guy! That’s why Nola Chick wants to take the time to spotlight celebrities who have unapologetically gone rogue and thrown their support behind the Who Dat Nation. Below is a list of the top 5 celebrity Saints fans.

(Honorable Mention)- “Ted” from “How I Met Your Mother”)

We don’t know if the actor who plays Ted (Josh Radnor) is a Saints fan, but his character sure is. He’s been spotted on multiple episodes sporting black and gold gear! We love you, wardrobe department!

Harry Connick, Jr., Actor/Musician (Honorable Mention)

He’s a jazz musician and he’s from New Orleans. His hands were kinda tied.

5. Spike Lee, Actor/Director

He’ll be the first to admit his first love is for the Jets..and then probably the Giants…but New Orleans has become somewhat of an adopted homeland for Spike Lee. He no doubt fell in love with the city while shooting his two post-Katrina documentaries “When the Levees Broke” and “If God is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise.” And despite his love of all things Big Apple, he’s given the Big Easy a shout out by proudly wearing Saints gear and even attending a few home games.

4. Wendell Pierce, Actor (Treme, The Wire)

He’s a hometown boy who didn’t forget his roots when he made it big. (Unlike that punk, Lil Wayne who reps the Vikings. Ugh!) Pierce is a Nola lovin, Saints lovin fool. And he plays one on TV!

3. Robin Roberts, TV Personality

She’s been the picture of bravery ever since she went public with her need for a bone marrow transplant. Through it all, GMA anchor Robin Roberts did it with a smile on her face and at times, a Saints hat on her head. It was probably a gift from her sister, New Orleans’ long time anchorwoman Sally Ann Roberts. Still, who wouldn’t want a class act like Robin reppin’ the Black and Gold!

2. Brad Pitt, Actor/Hottie

This A-lister sometimes calls New Orleans home. And when in Nola, do as the Nolans do! He’s no stranger to Saints games on Sunday and he even gets the members of his brood geared up! As if that wasn’t enough to love, Pitt is also the man behind the Make it Right Foundation, which is rebuilding sustainable homes in the Lower Ninth Ward.

1. Ellen Degeneres, TV Host

She may not always watch football, but when she does, she prefers the New Orleans Saints.
Her love for the Saints is not the only thing that makes Ellen the most interesting woman in the world. She’s also good friends with Drew Brees. And she’s even dedicated segments of her show to the team by suiting up and hitting the field with players. When the Saints went to the Super Bowl, she let her Who Dat flag fly by wearing a team jersey and sending her beloved Mama to the game, along with of course, yours truly!

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