NFL 2013 Free Agency: It’s Time to Start Caring

We’re now about 24 hours away from the start of NFL Free Agency’s open market, which means we can finally start freaking out about who may be going where (unlike NFL Network and ESPN, who have been freaking out for weeks.) Who could blame us for waiting until the last minute? It’s not exactly like last off-season, when we had the “Peyton Manning Sweepstakes” to entertain us. This time around, it’s second tier stars like Ahmad Bradshaw and Greg Jennings. They’re not exactly Prom Kings but you’d still be excited if they asked you to the big dance.

Here’s our breakdown of some of the biggest Free Agency story lines so far.

Tony Gonzales, Falcons TE: Expected to stay with the team for more money, so long as he can skip training camp. (As a Saints fan, I’m imploring Tony to retire already!)

Greg Jennings (Packers WR) vs Mike Wallace (Steelers WR): For teams looking to upgrade their wide receiving corps, you can’t do much better than these dudes. They’ve both got speed, veteran talent, and can rack up major yards after the catch. Still, with Wallace’s youth, no one would deny he gets the edge. It will be interesting to see which of these guys lands the better deal. Jennings has made it clear he’s not going to a team with a sucky quarterback. (We’re looking at you, Browns, Cardinals, Raiders and Titans!) But it’s safe to say that given Jennings’ contract demands, we won’t be seeing him in a Packers uniform next season.

Least Likely to Go Anywhere-Jermon Bushrod, LT Saints: Sit down, Jermon. You ain’t going nowhere. Sure you made it to the Pro Bowl, but that doesn’t mean you can expect a ton of lucrative offers from competitive teams. You’re already on a competitive team and there are waaaay too many other offensive lineman up for grabs this free agency for you to get much more than what you’re already getting.

Oh…and the same goes for you, Wes Welker. You’re not going anywhere. Thanks for playing.

Reggie Bush to the Lions?
The Dolphins don’t want him and rumor has it that the Lions are very interested. No one really cares about this. It’s a cheap excuse to show this picture.

Giants Shakeup: Both Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora and former running back Ahmad Bradshaw are free agents this year. Umenyiora has already proclaimed he’ll be “defensive player of the league this year”. That’s a cute, highly unlikely proclamation. Still, even if Osi’s a little overconfident, we think he’ll still be regarded as a hot commodity in the open market.

As for Bradshaw, it’s never great to be a free agent coming off an injury. He’s already been cut by the Giants and coupled with the concerns over his surgically repaired foot, he’d be a fool to expect a big money offer. Still, Bradshaw will no doubt have his fair share of teams to choose from as he’s considered the top available running back.

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