NFL 2013 Draft Highlights (Kidding! There weren’t any…)

Since I’m among friends, I’ll be honest. Last night’s draft was about as exciting as watching my dog sniff for the perfect patch of grass on which to poop. But congratulations, NFL! I watched anyway. The WHOLE damn thing.

There was none of the “Houston disses Reggie Bush for Mario Williams” excitement of years past. Sure there was the dejection of Geno Smith, but I’m not such a twisted bitch that I’d take joy in his obvious heartache. (Unless of course he was a Falcons player.)

I guess it’s something that the number one draft pick is from a no-name school like Central Michigan. I guess.. But is was widely known that the Chiefs had their eye on offensive tackle Eric Fisher. A certain FSU alum, aka Mr. Nola Chick, seemed particularly appalled that QB EJ Manuel went so high up. Manuel, who went to the Bills, was the only quarterback taken in the first round.

Maybe I’m shocked that the Saints, with their piss-poor defense, passed on linebacker (aka Beast) Jarvis Jones of Georgia. Instead, they went with the man I’ve decided to dub “Faux Creole”, Texas safety Kenny Vaccaro. Vaccaro is much like Liam Neeson’s character from the taken movies. “He has a particular set of skills.” He’s considered a hybrid player who can thrive as both a free or strong safety. He’s fast and athletic but prone to habits of sucky Saints safeties past, like “bumping” instead of tackling.

I know what some of you are thinking. “Blah, blah blah who cares? Look how adorable he is in these sunglasses!”

Fine, you win.

Here’s hoping he and the remaining rounds of the draft, exceed expectations.

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  1. Easy, now Nola Chick! Considering how we’ve fared defensively for the past few seasons, I’m confident he’ll be an improvement. I’m gonna give Vaccaro a chance to prove himself, for sure. That said, I’m actually more excited about us signing Kevin Reddick & Chase Thomas – I think those guys are gonna help us out a lot!

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