Walk A Mile in J.J. Watts Shoes

A hot tennis shoe…named after an athlete…sold by Nike…and it sells out in just two minutes. If you’re thinking it’s gotta be Air Jordans, you’re dead wrong. These shoes are the namesake of an NFL player and not exactly a player that immediately comes to mind when you think “Football Superstar”.

The Megawatt shoes are named after defensive end J.J. Watts of the Houston Texans. The shoes cost about $105 and they went on sale this weekend. Take a look at their snazziness:

Thick and white….just like the man himself.

Watts tweeted a big thank you to his fans after the shoes sold out online, calling them the “best in the world.”
If you’d like a pair for yourself, feel free to purchase the ridiculously price gouged versions off of eBay.

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