Aaron Hernandez’s Last 2 Fans

While New England Patriots fans are among the most loyal in the bunch, we’ve learned they too have boundaries…and shooting someone in the head is one of them. So there weren’t many surprises when fans of former tight end Aaron Hernandez jumped ship after he was accused of murdering an associate last month in Massachusetts. While they took advantage of the opportunity in droves to trade in their Hernandez jerseys for something a little less…”murder-y”, apparently the fallen NFL star still has a few “Team Hernandez” troopers willing to ride or die with him. (And as we’ve learned, if you ride with Hernandez, there is a chance you might literally die with him too.)

Check out what was spotted on the heads of two NFL players who also happen to be former teammates of Hernandez from the University of Florida.

Yep, that’s the Pouncey twins, Maurkice of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Mike of the Miami Dolphins, doing their best to never get endorsements by wearing “Free Hernandez” hats to a Miami club. And these guys will have some ‘splainin’ to do with their teams. Here’s this tidbit from nfl.com”

The Steelers plan to talk to Maurkice Pouncey about the photos, according to ESPN, which cited a source. The network also cited a source close to Mike Pouncey in reporting that Pouncey expects the Dolphins to have a similar talk with him.

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