Drew Brees: Good Guy, Bad Tipper?

Drew Brees may donate millions to charity and host fundraisers for cancer patients, but apparently stiffing one California waitress is enough to overshadow all those pesky good deeds and earn him the label of “cheap bastard”, according to one absurd website. The Dirty posted a receipt leaked by someone from Del Mar Rendezvous restaurant, which claims to show Brees left a $3 tip on a $75 bill. (I’m no math whiz, but something tells me that’s less than 15%.)

The website tears into Brees and defends the waitress, who could potentially lose her job for the receipt getting leaked. But what we don’t know is whether the original bill already had a tip included. We also don’t know whether the waitress sucked and deserved a bad tip. And what we REALLY don’t know is why this shit is even a story.

Football, please come back soon!

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  1. Daniel Shalom Schreiber says:

    My apologies to anyone offended by the posting of this image.

    I have posted a statement here: http://delmarrendezvous.com/July_30_Statement.pdf

    And photos here:


    If you do not wish to remove the posting, please consider posting up my statement and photos.

    Thank you,

    Daniel Shalom Schreiber
    Managing Partner
    Del Mar Rendezvous

  2. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/07/29/does-this-receipt-with-a-terrible-tip-really-belong-to-saints-quarterback-drew-brees/

    UPDATE 5:30 pm ET — Dan Schreiber, manager of Del Mar Rendezvous, told TheBlaze in a phone call that he couldn’t say whether the posted receipt is real or fake.

    “I can’t verify the authenticity of this receipt,” he said.

    But he added: “I just can say that if this was an authentic receipt, just looking at it, I can tell it’s take-out order and that that would be a generous tip.”

    In many restaurants that offer “curbside takeaway,” tipping generally isn’t expected.

    So according to the Blaze – the restaurant manager can’t confirm whether the receipt is real (it probably is – that really looks like his “D” and “B”), but he CAN say that if it is real, IT IS A TAKE-OUT ORDER AND THAT IS A GENEROUS TIP.

    People need to back the f* up off my man Brees.

  3. The restaurant owner has posted an apology on their website. It basically says while they can neither confirm or deny that it’s truly the Saints Drew Brees’s card receipt, it’s for a takeout order which they don’t expect a tip for anyway. And then he made a donation to the Bree’s Dream Foundation.

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