Replacement Ref-Gate:The Pain Returns

I think that I should start this article with a disclaimer…I am NOT speaking for all Green Bay Packers fans. I am only speaking for myself. With that being said, Friday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks was personal for me. I’m pretty sure that everyone remembers the Seattle Seahawks “victory” against the Packers last season…the Hail Mary on the final play that was ruled to be a simultaneous catch by Seahawks Wide Receiver Golden Tate. The motions of the Replacement Referees still resonate in my mind from that controversial game, and a revenge victory was simply befitting.

However, with a 17-10 loss in the books, it’s clear that things didn’t quite go our way. The only solace I received from the game was seeing Golden Tate booed every time he stepped on the field. There seemed to be more fights than points scored, but again, I’m not complaining.

For some reason, everyone is throwing around one stat concerning the Packers running game: the Packers rushed for 36 yards on 20 attempts (not including Quarterback Vince Young’s 39 yard performance). Eddie Lacy gained -5 yards on 8 carries and Starter DuJuan Harris had 2 yards on 3 carries with his first performance in the preseason. Now, these numbers are horrible…I wouldn’t dare pretend that they aren’t. However, Aaron Rodgers left the game after one drive. In a realistic situation, that would never happen. So am I concerned? Not really.

In the race for Backup Quarterback, Graham Harrell is simply losing. I’ll leave it there. Coach McCarthy decided to put Harrell in with the 1st team offense and nothing was done with the opportunity. Something just isn’t clicking for him and, at this point in the preseason, its now or never for Harrell.  On the flipside, I like Vince Young’s style of play. Although Vince Young was added to the roster just earlier this month, his game has gone to the next level due to his willingness and sheer ability to run.  As I mentioned, Young ran for 39 yards during this game. Young is bringing intensity and experience to this Backup Quarterback competition. I am interested to see how it all turns out.

Now I can’t conclude the article without mentioning the Packers Defensive Line. The depth on key defensive positions here is amazing. Brad Jones stepped up as the Inside Linebacker and made some key plays. Clay Matthews displayed sheer athleticism as always. Things like this make me smile…

So while we did lose, and losing is never fun, I saw some of our players really step up. I can’t wait to see what they bring to Kansas City…

Next Game: GB at Kansas City- 8/29- 7pm

Update: As I was writing, the Packers reportedly decided to release Graham Harrell.

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