Saints Recap: Who Makes the Cut?

If you managed to sit through that 3-hour blooper reel referred to as preseason game 4 between the Saints and Dolphins, congratulations! You’re not only a true fan but a total masochist. The game, in which starters for both teams spent most, if not all, of their time on the sidelines, ended as sloppy as it began. The Dolphins came away with the victory, not that it matters…at all. What matters most is who managed to shine and secure a final spot on the Saints’ roster. Here’s our take based not only on last night’s performances but preseason as a whole.

Keeper: Khiry Robinson, Running Back
Tis true, he coughed up the ball twice (although only one of them should have counted) in last night’s game versus the Dolphins but it’s hard to ignore the 100+ yards Robinson clocked in. He’s a hard runner who always keeps his feet moving and he has a hunger I feared we’d be missing after shipping Chris Ivory off to the Jets. Yes, it’s true he’ll need some grooming. But who better to do that than Sean Payton and his legion of doom?

Goner: Ryan Griffin, QB
With such a solid showing by Luke McCown, it’s unimaginable that the Saints are hard pressed to keep Ryan Griffin around on anything other than the practice squad. He’s not awful but I’m not convinced he did what it would have taken to secure a roster spot.

Eek! Who Knows?: Courtney Roby vs Andy Tanner, Special Teams
I have a soft spot for Courtney Roby so I really would hate to see him go. With that said, Andy Tanner has done a solid job of showing why he deserves a spot on this roster. He had several big plays in the Texans game and he got the endorsement of one of the only guys whose opinion matters, Drew Brees.

Goner: Eric Olsen, Guard

I wasn’t convinced he would make the cut before Thursday night and after that botched snap at Center, I’m even less convinced.

Keeper: Kevin Reddick, ILB
He’s been a ball hog in preseason and seems to play smart. Given our defensive “ahem” challenges, I think he brings the kind of aggressiveness to the table we’ve been looking for.

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  1. Corandole says:

    Awesome review of the players. Wouldn’t that be something, to see K.Reddick rotating, possibly pushing for some starter minutes. :-)

  2. Thanks! Kenny Stills had some big plays on Sunday!

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