DirecTV + PS3 + Sunday Ticket = Fight for your right to Football

Many fans live in the television market of the team they root for.

And then there’s the rest of us …

Read about our plight here. And share the above meme if you think DirecTV is a monopoly.

Luckily, the Cowboys were on TV Sunday night, but what about the rest of the season?

Figures … The year we win the Super Bowl is the year we have to watch most of the games in loud, crowded bars with a bunch of drunks.  (Ahem.)  I’m sending DirecTV my bar bill.

We did try to get it online – not as good as TV but better than a crowded bar – but no such luck.  Tweeted with DirecTV customer service.  I repeat: No such luck.

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Jennifer, a.k.a. Cowboys Chick, is a Manhattanite originally from New Jersey now living in Chicago and a huge Cowboys fan. Long story. Twitter Handle: @fernronay


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