Law & Order: 49ers Unit

It’s true, rivalry games tend to bring out the worst in us football fans. I’ve seen even the most soft-spoken, non-confrontational among us turn into violent, raging, lunatics when faced with a fan of a hated division rival. (Sorry, Mom. I know I swore not to speak of that Falcons game, again.) Anyways, it was only a matter of time until stadiums would start going the extra mile to step up security and make sure good ole fashioned trash talk doesn’t end in bloodshed.

The Seattle Police Department will send undercover cops to the Seahawks game versus the San Francisco 49ers this week, and they’ll be dressed as 49ers fans. It’s an attempt to make sure the 12th man sticks to verbal jabs and not the other kind. Seahawks president Peter McLoughlin tells the Associated Press:

“We have great fans. Our goal is to ensure a safe environment for all in attendance, including visiting team fans.”

Something tells me given the history of 49ers fans in their own stadium, they won’t always be the ones on the defensive. I mean, one of them did stab a man in Candlestick Park. Here’s hoping the the undercover officers posing as fans will be able to weed out the douchebags who take these football rivalries way to far. After all, a stab-free Sunday, is a happy Sunday!

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