Saints vs. Bucs: 2 and O-M-F-G!

Remember the good ole days when the New Orleans Saints would open up a 40 point can of whoop ass on some team and you could kick your feet up for the second half of a game? So umm, I won’t be greedy and ask that we do that every week but if we could not have every game come down to the final freaking play in the final freaking second, that would be just super. Thanks!

In the division match up between the Saints and the Bucs on Sunday, it seemed at times like neither team wanted to win. The Saints made it to the red zone enough times to make it a blowout. But the team settled for a field goal early on in the first quarter, missed a field goal, and got stood up on a 4th and goal at the end of the half. Thankfully, they were playing the Bucs. And NO ONE beats the Bucs, like the Bucs beat the Bucs. Tampa Bay’s team had 10 penalties for 118 yards. One of those penalties negated a
73-yard TD pass to Vincent Jackson. When they had the opportunity to put the game away with either a first down or a made field goal, they couldn’t accomplish either. God love ya, Bucs.

Jimmy Graham posts a career-high 179 yards vs Bucs

As for the Saints, they weathered the storm, both literally and figuratively. The rain delay interrupted the first quarter for about an hour. We wish we could blame the sloppy play by the Saints offense on a sloppy field, but no. We can’t. The offensive line sucked. Drew Brees couldn’t seem to read the defense. And our running game was virtually nonexistent. Which leads me to this sidenote:

Dear Mark Ingram,

I realize you were a first round draft pick out of the “mighty” University of Alabama and that you’ve claimed the starting running back job on the team, ahead of Pierre Thomas. But if you can’t run sideways…and you can’t run straight…then um, allow me to quote Office Space by asking “What would you say… ya DO here?”

I look forward to your follow-up correspondence,

Nola Chick

Even with the Saints’ second half woes, there’s a why reason Drew Brees is one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the league. He went to Florida and “stood his ground” when it mattered most. And his brilliantly executed final drive of the game along with solid defensive plays down the stretch, have the Saints sitting pretty at 2-0 at the top of the NFC South. It wasn’t a pretty win, but style points don’t matter much in this league. And given how we started last season, this chick will take the “W’s” however she can get them.

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  1. Hey Nola Chick! I really love reading your articles, you’re great! I just wanted to let you know that I feel like the “stand your ground” joke in this piece is a bit tasteless. I get it, but I don’t believe that law is EVER going to be funny. Keep doing what you do!

  2. Hey Chime! The tone of our site has always been a little edgy. With that said, we know that what may be edgy for some is considered offensive to others. It’s a fine line to walk and we admittedly don’t always get it right. But we always appreciate feedback. It just makes us better! Thanks as always for stopping by!

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