RGIII…Is There A Deadline On “Operation Patience”?

Being a Packers fan in Chicago is no easy feat. One of the many issues that I face is when a game is “out of market”. If the Bears and Packers are playing at the same time, I get the Bears game. Can you say pissed?  Maybe I need to grab DirecTV so I can have football on my phone. So after a 45 minute wait at Buffalo Wild Wings, I was finally able to see my team and I loved what I saw =).

I expected the Packers to beat Washington; because there was no way that we would go 0-2. However, I expected it to be much closer than it was. The final score was 20-38 and Washington didn’t even score until the 3rd Quarter. I would like to think that this is a testament to the Packers superior defense, but I know better. RGIII just isn’t what he used to be. When RGIII is at his best, he is a nightmare to any defense. He has the ability to scramble outside the pocket or throw it while inside the pocket…but that’s him at his best. RGIII in his last two performances hasn’t been himself. When defenses know that he won’t run, there is no reason to spread out…and they will blitz. The Packers sacked RGIII 4 times for a loss of 39 yards on Sunday.

In addition to Washington’s offense (or lack thereof) working in our favor, so did Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers threw for 480 yards and 4 touchdowns Sunday night. With Eddie Lacy getting injured on a hit early on, James Starks stepped up and was the leading rusher for the night with 20 carries and 132 yards. Establishing a reputable run game is necessary for Green Bay and if we can keep that in addition to Rodgers’ throwing ability, I’ll be one happy woman.  I don’t expect Lacy to be back in time for our game in Cincinnati so its great to know that Starks can hold down the fort.

Our next game against the Bengals should be an interesting one. We’re both 1-1 and the Bengals have a lot of untapped talent on both sides of the ball. But of course, it’s GO PACK GO over here!

Next Game: Green Bay @ Cincinnati – Sep 22nd /1pm EDT

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