A Super Bowl Ticket Costs How Much???

As a reward to all you fans who faithfully support your team and spend your hard-earned money on season tickets and paraphernalia, the NFL has finally found a way to repay you for your loyalty, should your squad make it to the big game this season. They’re hiking up the price of already ridiculously expensive Super Bowl tickets. Oh you reaaally shouldn’t have!

According to an article in the Wall St. Journal, the league is fed up with scalpers and third-party ticket websites making enormous profits off of Super Bowl ticket resales. So, instead of finding a way to stick it to the resellers, the league will instead stick it to the little guy. Here’s the latest from the WSJ:

According to three league officials familiar with the plan, club-level seats in the mezzanine with access to indoor restaurants are likely to cost about $2,600—a mammoth hike from last year’s game in New Orleans, where the top tickets went for $1,250. The next-cheapest tranche of seats (those in the lower bowl) would cost about $1,500, the executives said, up from $950 for the second-tier seats sold in New Orleans.

If it’s any consolation, a few of the prices will be cheaper this time around. The nosebleeds will now go for $500 instead of $600. So even though you’ll be freezing your ass off in January in New York watching a game, at least you’ll have an extra hundred bucks in your pocket to keep you warm!

The NFL argues that the price adjustment not only accounts for the bigger market for this year’s game but also the changing premium for Super Bowl tickets, with some consumers coughing up as much as $6000 on third party sites to get their hands on tickets. Some of the $600 tickets from last year ended up selling for closer to $2,000. So in a way, you can’t really blame the league for wanting to get its piece of the pie.

But don’t we all long for the days when a fan could actually afford to go to a game and it wasn’t just an audience of corporate schmucks? It’s hard to believe that just about a decade ago, the average ticket would run you about $325. Hell, it was only six bucks to get a ticket to the first Super Bowl. But so long as we idiots are willing to pay astronomical prices to go to the game, there is no reason to keep prices in check. It’s basic supply and demand.

I’m so thankful that when my team went, I had the luxury of being treated to a trip courtesy of the Ellen show. That will likely be my first and last Super Bowl. Nola Chick’s got bills to pay.

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