Why Troy Polamalu Is Cutting His Legendary Hair

It has its own commercial deal. It has its own twitter account. It’s even insured. Yes, while there are many stars on the Steelers team, you might say there is none more beloved than the hair of Steelers safety Troy Polamalu. So imagine our horror upon learning the news that those lovely lady locks are about to bite the dust!

Troy announced on his Facebook page that he’s decided to cut his trademark hair. It’s not to make a fashion statement but to raise awareness for a cause near and dear to his heart. Here’s how he broke it down to fans:

“We talk about supporting veterans often, but now its time for us all to DO something. I’m getting a ceremonial haircut this Veterans Day for the #VFWManeEvent with Veterans of Foreign Wars VFW I DARE you to join me. www.VFWManeEvent.org”

Damn it, it’s for the veterans. That’s the one cause I can’t make a snarky comment about.

Luckily for Steelers fans, they don’t have to worry about whether their “Samson” will lose his strength once his hair is gone. Their season was tanked one way or another.

In honor of this momentous development, we’d like to pause to pay tribute to some of the greatest moments in Troy’s hair history.

See you on other side, waves of glory!

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