Saints vs Cardinals: 3 and “0” That Was Fun!

You know how it is when you’re in a new relationship and you feel a certain way about the other person, but you’re just not sure when it’s safe to say it? Maybe you’re just blinded by the “newness” of it all. Maybe you need more time to see if what you’re getting from the other person is the “real deal”. Maybe revealing how you feel will freak them out. You can debate the pros and cons of coming clean forever. But then at some point, maybe after a few too many cocktails at a football game, you find yourself spilling the beans.


Phew…it feels good to get it out. And sure, it could be premature but I don’t really care. You see for the past three weeks, this unit has already done more for me than last year’s unit (AKA “the ex”) over the course of the entire season. We’ve seen big stops on 4th and goal, pressure on the quarterback, sacks on the quarterback, turnovers, and stuffed run plays. We’ve seen the Saints defense do what the Saints offense used to do: mercilessly punish opposing teams. And it has been downright glorious!

So when did I realize I had “those feelings” for the defense? It was in the 4th quarter in Sunday’s Cardinals game when Kenny Vaccaro forced an interception. Did it help that Vaccaro is absolutely delightful to look at? Why yes, yes it did. But beyond that, it was what it symbolized. This defense doesn’t have quit in them. They’ve been telling us that since week 1. I finally listened…with my heart.

And then…there’s the offense. Unlike the defense, they’ve been playing hard to get with me all season long. It’s been a “will they/won’t they” plot line that frankly was starting to get a little old. Thankfully, against the Cardinals, they made their move. Darren Sproles and Pierre Thomas gave us a semblance of a running game, on the rare occasions we actually attempted to run the ball. We also, FINALLY, got to see what Khiry Robinson would bring to the table, and he exceeded expectations with his powerful late runs. Drew Brees stopped playing with my emotions in the 4th quarter, and reminded me why I fell so hard for him all those years ago. Sure there were a few mistakes along the way, but this was by far our first “complete” game. And the confidence that it should build will go a long way in helping us pull off a win against our next big challenge: the undefeated Dolphins. If the defense, aka my boyfriend, can keep on casting that old black magic that got me under their spell, Ryan Tannehill is in for a long night.

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  1. Saintseester says:

    Most definitely a satisfying win and feeling better every day. Now, if the O-line can provide better protection for our QB, it will be husband material

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