2013 Season Week 4 Picks

The Eagles are traveling to Denver to face the Broncos this week.

They have, quite literally, NO chance.

To quote Jimmy Kempski:

The Eagles got shredded Week 2 by a QB (Philip Rivers) who got his team up to the line quickly, identified the defense, then checked to a more favorable call. Peyton Manning is the master at that.

To which I say: Yes. Yes, he is.

My prediction? This is gonna go down like one of those college games when a football powerhouse school takes on some poor little A&M school and whups the hell out of them. It’s possible Peyton hangs 100 points on the Eagles, assuming he doesn’t get too tired to keep throwing the football.

In the rest of the matchups:

49ers at Rams: The 49ers are not quite what we were all expecting, but I don’t see them going down to a lesser divisional rival, even on the road.

Ravens at Bills: I didn’t think the Ravens off-season roster changes were going to hurt them too much. I’m beginning to think I was wrong. I’ve got the Bills. Crazy talk? Maybe crazy like a fox.

Bengals at Browns: I’m going Bengals, but I think this is going to be a close, low-scoring game.

Bears at Lions: I know the Lions are undisciplined, but I also think they’ve got this. Emo quarterback has to reappear at some point, right? Lions.

Seahawks at Texans: When you look at the stats, these are some evenly matched teams, but the Seahawks are putting up points while shutting down opposing offenses, and I think they’re going to do it again this week. Seahawks.

Colts at Jaguars: The only way the Jaguars manage to win a game this season is if they can convince the NFL honchos to re-do the schedule so they can play the Giants. (I’ll be here all week. Try the veal!) Colts.

Giants at Chiefs: Speaking of, Chiefs. Go Big Red!

Steelers at Vikings: Continuing our “bad teams” theme, this is the Worst Game of the Week. I know the Steelers are a pale shadow of themselves this year, but the Vikings? Can’t see them losing this one, even with AP in there because their run defense is still pretty stout. Steelers.

Cardinals at Buccaneers: Cards. New guy’s going to need a little time to get up to speed in Tampa.

Jets at Titans: Am I on the Geno Smith bandwagon? Not yet, but I’m at least taking it out for a test drive. Jets.

Redskins at Raiders: No wait. Maybe THIS is the Worst Game of the Week. Also, Raiders. The Redskins stink, at least so far.

Cowboys at Chargers: I can’t believe the NFC East will go 0-4, and I’m sure the rest o the NFC East teams will lose, so I guess I’m calling Cowboys. Yuck.

Patriots at Falcons: I’ve got the Pats. Their offense is starting to come together, and their defense is only allowing an average of 11 points per game. I’m pretty sure Tom Brady could top that throwing to me.

Dolphins at Saints: The Dolphins are surprising a lot of people this year (including me), but they’re playing at the Superdome. Geaux Saints!

On bye: Packers, Panthers

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