Saints vs. Dolphins: 4 and Oh What a Night!

Admit it, Who Dat Nation. Even with the 3-0 start, you still felt a little…weird about declaring the Saints officially “back.” You needed a sign, nay, you needed an ass whooping of prime time, cry home to mama proportions, to really let you embrace that tingly oh so super feeling we had four years ago. Ladies and gentleman, that ass whooping has arrived.

The Miami Dolphins presented themselves as a formidable appointment. They too were undefeated. They have a solid defense and managed to beat allegedly solid teams (although one of those team is the 1-3 (lol) Falcons, sooo…) It seemed like they could give the Saints a few fits and things were playing out as such through most of the first half. But then came the second half.

That’s when we were reminded of the blessing of having Sean Payton on that sideline on a Monday night. That’s when we saw the defense and the offense display some sort of “wonder twin powers” to completely dismantle a team. That’s when we dared allow ourselves to not just dream of a post season, but a “special” season.

It’s still early. We still face so many tests, particularly in the upcoming weeks when we take on the Cutler’s Crew and Brady’s Bunch on the road. But special seasons require tough tests. Coasting through is what got the Fail-cons embarrassed in the NFC Championship game last year. We need to take on those tough challenges now, overcome them and show this league what we’re made of.

Oh…and we also need a running game. (What, you didn’t think I was going to let that slide, did you?) Breesus is awesome and all but we can’t rely on him to be perfect week after week. A balanced offensive attack is what will make this team unstoppable. Clearly we have problems with our offensive line that need to be addressed. Beyond that though, we need to design running plays that play to the strengths of the guys we have. I’m not a coach so I have zero to offer on that front but I also don’t get paid gazillions of dollars to have to know how it’s done.

As a fan, I’m more excited about this win than John Gruden, who looked like he was about to make out with a Fleur-de-lis in the announcer booth at some point. This ass-whooping meant a lot to me. But what would mean a lot more is to once again exact revenge on those Chicago Bears on Sunday. After all, the Who Dat Nation has a long memory and those hateful Katrina signs from a few years ago still sting. So don’t get too drunk on your own kool-aid boys. There’s still plenty of hurt feelings to go around as we march on to the postseason.

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