Saints vs. Bears: 5 and Oh But Chicago, You Had It Coming!

I’d imagine you Chicago Bears who spent most of Sunday’s game versus the Saints like this…

…woke up today feeling something like this?

But not to worry. I come “bearing” good news! There’s a good chance your team won’t even make the playoffs and therefore don’t have to worry about ever having to face the Saints again this season. You’re welcome!

It’s hard not to gloat a little bit after beating The Windy City’s team. Their quarterback is obnoxious yes but no more obnoxious than some of their fans, who apparently took to Twitter after the game spouting the same lame Katrina related insults they thought appropriate during the NFC Championship game 7 years ago. The thing is, while we NOLA folk still consider that the ultimate asshole move, we’re in a much healthier space now. We responded to your taunts by launching into a “Who Dat” chant on on YOUR stadium steps. In the 7 years since we last saw you in Chicago, many of our homes and lives have been rebuilt. And yet, you’re still the same old d-bag pricks you always were. What a pity!

On to the game…

There was much hype going into Sunday’s match up about the Bears “oh-so-oppressive” defense. And while yes, the Bears did manage to keep the Saints under 30 points, they looked more like cubs compared to the ferociousness Rob Ryan’s crew was bringing to the table. The Saints defense was on the attack against Jay Cutler. At one point, I though I saw him mouthing his final goodbyes to reality TV wife Kristin Cavallari. The Bears did manage to score some garbage time points but up until that point, the Saints were blitzing on nearly every snap, leaving Cutler and the offensive line off balance.

As for the Saints’ offense, it was business as usual. Drew Brees controlled the clock, never turned the ball over and once again relied on the monster ability of tight end cutie Jimmy Graham. Chicago native Pierre Thomas even got a chance to get his shine on. He scored on a 25 yard screen play and celebrated with a tribute to his hometown…a steppin’ dance in the end zone. And lest we forget a solid day for the Saints special teams. Not only did they keep Devin Hester from adding to his highlight reel, but field goal kicker Garrett Hartley was 4/4 on field goals. Pretty impressive given the conditions at Soldier Field.

Speaking of which, at what point will the league force Chicago to upgrade the conditions of its piss poor field? The grass was like the 12th man on the field for both teams and it came to play! Will it take a multitude of season-ending injuries to force improvements? I mean, when even Bears players are complaining about the turf, you have a serious effing problem!

Thankfully, the Saints shouldn’t have to return to that God awful place again this season. With their win over the Bears and the Seahawks loss to the Colts, the Saints sit squarely at the top of the NFC. They face some pretty tough challenges ahead but they’re proving week after to week to be up for it. Tom Brady will no doubt be in a foul mood on Sunday, given his team’s embarrassing loss to the Bengals and his failed bid at breaking Drew Brees’ record for consecutive games with a touchdown. Here’s hoping the Saints give him one more reason to cry home to his Supermodel wifey.

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  1. I love your write-ups after the games and look forward to them every week! Thanks for this site and bringing such a woman-centric view of football to the web. Love it!

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