Malice in Minnesota: Packers vs. Vikings

Growing up, my Grandmother always told me that if I was going to talk mess, that I had to be willing to stand behind what I said: good or bad. So at the conclusion of the 44-31 Packers victory, only one thing was on my mind…Greg Jennings must face Aaron Rodgers. So they talked…well it was more like Greg talked and Aaron listened. However, it gave me hope that a possible reconciliation was on the horizon. But holding hands and signing “Kumbaya” will in no way, shape, or form change the fact that Christian Ponder is Jennings’ new Quarterback…that is his sad reality.

Luckily for Packers fans, Aaron Rodgers is our Quarterback…and boy, what a Quarterback he is! Rodgers is considered one of the best in the league and he showed us all exactly why on Sunday. What sets Aaron Rodgers apart is his ability to make something out of nothing. With only one veteran receiver on the field due to multiple injured players, Rodgers delivered perfectly placed balls to relatively inexperienced receivers. Eddie Lacy & James Starks worked together to establish a sold running game as well. In the event that all else failed, Rodgers showed his ability to scramble and gain the necessary yardage with his own two feet. In short, Rodgers is a defender’s worst nightmare. In addition, the offense had 13-18 3rd down efficiency and 2-2 4th down efficiency. These stats are critical because it directly affects time of possession. Out of the 60 minutes of playing time, the Packers offense spent 40:54 on the field. The Vikings defense could not get a stop.

Where the Vikings defense struggled, Packers defense excelled. The defense kept Minnesota to only 2-8 3rd down conversions. Green Bay defense also managed to limit Vikings star running back, Adrian Peterson, to only 13 carries for 60 yards, his 2nd worst performance this season.

Now next week is the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the moment that Packers fans like me live for…our 1ST matchup against the Chicago Bears in Lambeau Field. Words cannot express my true joy…but I’ll be back to talk about that next week. Until then, GO PACK GO!

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