Saints vs. Bills: 6 and (Stills the) 1

I’d like to thank the New Orleans Saints for deciding not to do what I had feared, which is make me sweat it out fresh off the bye week against an inferior team like the Bills. Yes the Bills are much improved and were expected to put up a fight. But the Saints are better. Waaaay better, in fact. And they were playing at home which is also known as Sean Payton’s playground. No one pushes Big Daddy around on his playground.

The Saints’ defense seemed very well aware of that fact from the very start. Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan had his squad were fired up from the first snap. We were relentless with the pass rush, sacking quarterback Thad Lewis four times. He got picked off once and lost two fumbles. And you better believe he wanted to smother his body in Icy Hot once it was all said in done. This revamped defense hits hard and delivers plenty of remember me shots, not just to untested players like Lewis, but they did it a couple weeks ago to Tom Brady, too.

As for the offense, well, they took a bit longer to warm up. There were definite and frightening signs of bye week rust. But rookie Kenny Stills helped to change all that. He showed the speed and hands to prove he will be an asset to this squad going forward. Stills had 69 and 42 yard touchdowns. But beyond that, he seemed to bring out the best in those around him. Gimpy Lance Moore, fresh off recovery from a hand injury, managed to score in his return to the field. And the even gimpier Jimmy Graham refused to be denied, also scoring twice. It truly became a thing of beauty.

But I must admit, the slow offensive start and lack of production in the running game frightened me. The Bills aren’t exactly the “The Team to Beat” in the NFL. So what happens when we get into the the really butt-clenching part of the schedule, when we’re facing defenses like the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks? Heck, even the New York Jets are worthy of our respect. Of course I don’t expect us to put up 40 burgers every game but I would like to see more of a rhythm out of the gate than what we witnessed on Sunday.

This particular chick will be in that number on Sunday when we take on the Jets this Sunday. I’m mustering all the gris gris I got to will our boys to victory. Afterall, if I’m going to freeze my buns off, they better get a win! Oh…and I’ll do everything I can not to get punched in the face although Jets fan should be warned that I’m trained in the art of fashioning a head comb into a shank if necessary.

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