Saints vs. Jets: 6 and “2” Many Mistakes

Perhaps it was the group of 300 lb. men behind me in Metlife Stadium, all of whom seemed like extras from The Sopranos, or maybe the fact that my toes had been frozen solid since halftime, or that I had seen Drew Brees get put on his back more times than Kim Kardashian (Hey, oh!) but for some reason, the Saints loss to the New York Jets on Sunday took a while to settle in. I never thought they would run away with the game but I certainly thought the Saints were the better team and should win. And yet, they fall short, in shocking fashion.

There was no running game to speak of, which I guess had plenty to do with Darren Sproles being out, essentially eliminating our screen game. Run defense? Non-existent. Wide receivers kept acting like they were allergic to the football on wide open passes. And the offensive line, well…did they even make the trip to the Meadowlands? From my vantage point, it seemed as though they had all decided to take in a matinee showing of “The Lion King” on Broadway. Was the show fun, fellas?

I can’t say it was an ideal performance for a rabid fan such as myself, who braved frigid temperatures and hostile fans to watch her team. But I will say it could have been worse. At least the Jets are in the AFC, meaning the implications in terms of playoff seeding are far less dramatic. Still, with such a tough stretch ahead, this game was one we needed to win and absolutely could have won by eliminating sloppy mistakes. (I’m looking at you, Garrett Hartley!)

Thankfully we get to bounce back against America’s Next Top Choke Artist, aka Tony Romo. The Saints return to the Superdome, where they always perform at the highest level, to take on the Cowboys. We know Rob Ryan will have his defense fired up. Fingers crossed that the offense is more than prepared to make us forget the ugliness from a week ago.

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