Bears vs Packers: Welcome to Heartbreak

Hey Fellow Chicks!

Usually when I blog here, I write with the same general outline for every article. I want to give you all my perspective on the game,provide relevant stats from the game, highlight key players, & take a look forward to the next game.

Today, I’m not going to do that. I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to do,but it won’t be that.

Simply put, I’m pissed.

I firmly believe that in the hearts of every true Packers fan lies a deeply rooted hatred for the Chicago Bears. My hatred is intensified because I am surrounded by Bears fans everywhere I go. So anytime the two teams meet up, it’s a huge deal.  Now for the last 8 years, the Bears failed to come up with a victory at Lambeau Field. In my mind. a Bears win in Lambeau was the equivalent to seeing chickens fly…possible,but highly improbable. (Mistake #1)

So naturally, I came into work Monday morning with my head held high and my chest stuck out in my Green & Gold…talking pure crap to all Bears fan within earshot (Mistake #2)

After work, I sped to the nearest Buffalo Wild Wings…because watching this game at home was simply not enough. I wanted to watch the Bears lose on the biggest screens in town (Mistake #3)

When you look at my mistakes, they were what any passionate fan would do. Only problem is that what I saw instead…in high definition on about 30 screens…in my Green & Gold  after talking enough smack to last me a lifetime, was my own demise.

I mean, where do I begin? Oh, I know! First possession of the game. We lose Aaron Rodgers to a shoulder injury. Now injury is a word that the Packers are all too familiar with right now. We’ve had some injuries to very significant players- but Rodgers is the very pulse of our offense. Without him, we are done.

Now you might be thinking “Vanessa, you’re over exaggerating…thats what backups are for!”. You would be absolutely correct. Only problem is, our backup Quarterback is a man by the name of Seneca Wallace. His name is like Voldemort for me right now, so I probably won’t say it again. I’m not entirely sure why he was ever signed..his style of play doesn’t even remotely mesh with our offense.

Bears fans had a backup QB of their own to deal with…Josh McCown. However, McCown had 272 yards and 2 touchdowns. Wallace had 114 yards and 1 interception.  McCown has a 77.5 QBR, Wallace has a 7.7 QBR. I rest my case.

Rodgers is projected to be out for 3-4 weeks with a fractured collarbone. Until then, as Bon Jovi said, we’re livin on a prayer.


A Broken Hearted Packers Chick

Update: QB Scott Tolzien was signed from the practice squad to the active roster on 11/6/13. There might be hope for us after all…

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