Saints vs. Failcons: 9 and 2 Close for Comfort!

It was a game the Saints should have and needed to win. Not just because of the undeniable playoff implications or the fact that it was an NFC opponent. They needed to win because the Falcons suck and we hate them.

In typical Falcons, Saints fashion, Thursday night’s game came down to the wire. It was all a matter of who wanted it more and who would f*ck up less. Sorry Falcons, but we were two for two on your home turf last night. It was thanks in large part to the defense, which held the Falcons to a measly 13 points. And it was also thanks to Sean Payton, whose oft times annoying decisions to ice the kicker turned out to be a genius move. Falcons kicker Matt Bryant missed a 52 yard field goal on his second attempt within the final minutes of the game. The score would have brought the Falcons within one point with plenty of time left on the clock to pull off a late comeback.

But it just wasn’t the Dirty Birds’ night, which makes sense, seeing as how it clearly isn’t their year. It’s hard to even bother beating up on our NFC South foe. They do such a good job of that on their own.

Meanwhile, the Saints have a long gap to rest up for their next real challenge: The Seattle Seahawks. I was like a proud mama listening to the Who Dat Nation chant “We Want Seattle” from the Georgia Dome plaza. It was a brazen taunt on national television. I for one am scared shitless of how the Seahawks game will go down. Not because I don’t think the Saints can win but because I know how important it is for them to win. I will in fact be scared shitless versus every opponent until the Saints have secured one of the top two seeds. Until that next game comes though, I shall bask in the glory of this latest victory. The Saints are 9-2. The Falcons are 2-9. To quote my dear friend Mother Hen, “All is right in the world.”

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