Saints vs Seahawks: 9 and 3 is a crowd

Oh there’s just nothing like getting the snot kicked out of you on national television to send you into a crippling depression. I’ll admit it Saints fans, I’m spoiled. I’m just not used to seeing OUR team get embarrassed anymore. What happened in Seattle is what the Saints do to other teams. It’s just not something I’ve had to deal with for years now and I forgot what it felt like. But that ass whipping courtesy of the Seahawks left a mark that is sure to remind me for years to come of what can happen on any given Sunday…or Monday as it were.

Where shall I begin? Hmm, how bout the complete lack of a secondary or pass rush? I may have been able to stomach this loss had I seen anything similar to a defense take the field…or had I not seen the Seahawks putting on a clinic on proper tackling and pass breakups. It was infuriating to see Malcolm Jenkins refuse to look back for, much less make a play for the ball. Then, there were the countless wide open Seattle receivers and tight ends, the hours Russell Wilson had in the pocket, and the fact that even when we had a shot at turnovers, we failed to capitalize. Disgusting.

Offensively, it didn’t get much better. We couldn’t run the ball. We couldn’t catch the ball. We couldn’t move the ball. Let’s see, did I miss anything?

Look, we all knew this would be a tough game. The Seahawks are no joke. It was a must-win in some ways but never considered a “should-win.” I guess I just expected more of a fight out of our guys. They looked exasperated and sloppy from the very beginning. They usually shine on a national stage but in this case, they just looked beat down and under-prepared. It was a punch to the gut.

The good news is, they can learn from this. They can take this ass whipping and use it as motivation to carry them through the rest of what is sure to be a tough stretch in the schedule. If they can at least split with the Carolina Panthers and win their games against the Rams and Bucs, they are still in the driver’s seat. So no, all hope is not lost. Plus, being a number one seed doesn’t guarantee a Super Bowl birth. It just makes the road for a team like the Saints a hell of a lot easier.

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  1. I agree Nola Chick. I believe the team needed a loss like this one. The key is not to lose to the Panthers or Bucs in the NFC South. We need to maintain our distance between us and the Panthers in order to keep the 2nd seed in the NFC. Kyle T. Mosley – Host of Saints News Radio

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