The NFC South: A Bastion of Suck

To all the fans of teams in the NFC with winning records, on the outside of the playoffs and looking in, allow me to extend my deepest apologies on behalf of the NFC South. Because the sad reality is that a team from our division could end this season with a 6-10 record, and still make it to the postseason. In fact, an NFC South team could feasibly make it to the postseason, and as Jon Gruden so wisely pointed out during Monday Night Football game, still get a top 10 pick in next year’s draft.

I realize how infuriating this must be for fans of teams like the Cowboys and Lions, who may have their seasons come to an end in week 16, despite winning as many games as these NFC South suck-bags will likely have lost by then. But the football gods can be petty and cruel. I’d like to think that my beloved Saints will pull it together this week and go on a run that will help them clench the division and slip into the playoffs at a respectable 8-8. I’d also like to think that my dog will start farting out $100 bills, but that’s not likely to happen either.

The NFC South is bad. Like…Mannequin 2: On the Move bad. The two “best” teams in the division, the Saints and Falcons, are only consistent in their inconsistency. You almost find yourself not so much rooting for wins and losses, but rooting for one team to put the other out of its misery.

But alas, it looks like the week 16 matchup between the Saints and Falcons in New Orleans will ultimately determine which team in this division sucks the least. And whichever team comes out on top will then go on to host a round 1 playoff game, where that team is expected to win or lose by at least 40 points.

Our Lady of Mediocrity, pray for us.

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