Saints Player Arrested for Domestic Violence

The NFL’s new domestic violence policy is sadly already about to get put to the test. New Orleans Saints linebacker Junior Galette is under investigation for allegedly pushing a woman to the ground outside of his Kenner home. A couple of years ago, this may have been an altercation that barely made it onto the league’s radar. But in this post Ray Rice world, the league is anxious to prove it means business when it comes to getting tough with players accused of domestic violence.

Under the league’s new policy:

“A baseline suspension of six games without pay for violations involving assault, battery, domestic violence, dating violence, child abuse, other forms of family violence, or sexual assault, with consideration given to possible mitigating or aggravating circumstances.”

And even if he’s not convicted of a crime, Galette could still be punished for violating the league’s code of conduct. Galette hasn’t responded directly to the charges, but his attorney released a statement which reads in part:

“We are confident an investigation and a full hearing of the facts will reveal that Junior Galette behaved appropriately given the circumstances and in no way committed domestic violence or battery,

Police say the alleged victim had blood on her face when they arrived to the scene Monday morning. But according to Galette’s attorney, he never touched the woman and he videotaped the encounter.

Galette will make his first court appearance next month.

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