NFL Divisional Round Recap: Ick!

I would like to extend my sincere apologies to fans of this weekend’s losing NFL playoff teams for the inevitable jinx that took place when I gave your teams my support. (That excludes of course fans of the Dallas Cowboys. LOL at your misery!) You see, as a fan of the New Orleans Saints, a team that had a chance to win its division at 7-9 only to completely choke, it’s obvious that the football gods pretty much loathe me and everything I support this season. And so, by supporting your teams in the playoffs, with the intent to smite their opponents, I pretty much destroyed your lives. My bad.

Wanna know what hurts so much about that Patriots victory over the Ravens? It’s that it played so perfectly into the Patriots script, starring Tom Brady as the relentless warrior and Bill Belichick as the evil mastermind who “gets away with it” in the end . The Ravens were in control for much of that game. They even had a chance to win it after the Pats late score. But then they had to go and let the Patriots do…well, what the Patriots have historically done to gain the wrath of so many across this great nation.

As for the Panthers, the defense put up a good fight against the Seahawks but it was clear from the opening drive that Carolina’s offense would struggle in a major way. Cam Newtown needed to play a near-perfect game for the Panthers to have even had a shot. Instead, he threw 2 costly interceptions that significantly contributed to the game getting out of hand. And so the reigning Super Bowl champs will advance to the NFC Championship again, becoming the first Super Bowl team since 2006 to win a playoff game in its repeat bid.

And then, there is poor, poor Peyton Manning. As a NOLA native, my heart admittedly hurts a little bit when coming to grips with the reality that perhaps this loss versus the Colts was my hometown hero’s very last pro football game. Imagining football without Manning is like eating a pizza without crust or cheese. You’re just like, “What the hell is this? A plate of spaghetti sauce? This is dumb.” But we all witnessed Manning’s errant passes versus the Colts and it became all too apparent that his “laser-rocket arm” is becoming more of a pool noodle. Manning hasn’t said whether he’s retiring. But whether he stays and deteriorates before our very eyes or walks away from the game completely, its a sad day for us football fans.

This Lions fan's reaction to the Cowboys call? Priceless! #sipstea

On a lighter note, LOL Cowboys!! One week after beating the Detroit Lions on a controversial no-call, the karma train slammed smack dab into “America’s Team.” Trailing late in the 4th, on 4th and 2, the Cowboys called a pass play down the field. It was Romo to Bryant and it almost looked like a clutch 1st down that would keep their drive alive and possibly set them up to score. But the refs ruled it a no-catch, claiming Bryant didn’t maintain control as he came to the ground. The rule is silly but whatevs. Let us all just take solace in the fact that the Cowboys’ reign of terror has finally come to an end.

So now we’re left with the Seahawks and Packers in the NFC Championship game and the Patriots and Colts in the AFC Championship game. I’m not saying I’ll kill myself it I have to watch the Seahawks and Patriots in a Super Bowl, but I will most certainly consider it.

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    NFL Divisional Round Recap: Ick!

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    NFL Divisional Round Recap: Ick!

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