Did Patriots Cheat Their Way to the Super Bowl?

So when you get beat down by the New England Patriots one game away from the Super owl, it turns out it might not just be your ego that ends up deflated…

The NFL is investigating whether the Patriots intentionally deflated footballs during yesterday’s trouncing of the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship game. Officials must have gotten suspicious during the game, because at one point, they reportedly took a ball out of play and weighed it. And what exactly would be the point of using deflated balls you ask? They would of course be easier to grip and catch, particularly in Sunday’s rainy weather conditions. Logic however dictates that the advantage would then go to both teams, unless of course Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is used to dealing with limp balls…but that’s something we’d have to ask Gisele about.

When asked about the controversy, Brady called it ridiculous. And for the first time ever in the history of life, Brady and I are on the same page. The Colts got their asses handed to them 45-7. No amount of “ball deflation” would explain the missed tackles and poor decisions make by Andrew Luck that led to that lopsided score.

If found guilty, the Patriots could lose draft picks and would face thousands of dollars in fines. But they still get to play in the Super Bowl versus the Seahawks no matter what, so odds are, they really don’t give a tiny rat’s ass.

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