Bills Chick gives thanks

As we round out Week 11 with a 4-6 record, I'm beginning to feel weak. Maybe it's because there are only six weeks of the regular season left, meaning seven dismal football-less months loom. Or, it could be because I've been too poor to attend the bar for two weeks and am suffering from Bills fan withdrawal, an affliction that occurs when you haven't seen a Buffalo logo or made friends with a random fan or heard the "Shout!" song in awhile. But mostly, it's because I'm worried the Bills will end up with a record that inaccurately reflects what this season could have been. So, instead of languishing in our misery, let's give thanks for what we do have. I'm thankful... ...that Buffalo … [Read more...]

Post bye week = a bust

Two weeks ago, I swindled my brother into "writing" my Titans-Bills recap for me. This week, following that 21-9 loss to the Texans, my dad offered up free "inspiration," either because he too wants a shot at the spotlight or because he knew that beneath my unusually calm post-game demeanor lay roiling turmoil. Either way, he posed some good questions and brought up some valid points I feel compelled to share with you. First, he wonders why--with some legit talent--this team still can't consistently perform. "In my humble opinion: it's clear that Billsdom is very disappointed in the team's performance this year and I am in agreement, but the reasons for their  subpar performance … [Read more...]

Buffalo Bills = broken hearts

This blog post title really sums up everything I have to say. In typical Bills fashion, this team let a very attainable win (and by attainable, I mean Buffalo waited until the LAST SECOND to let victory slip away) evaporate. Titans 35, Bills 34. That stings. Now we have two weeks for the wound to fester and to watch all the other fans with winning teams be all happy go lucky, oblivious to the cold cruel world of a Bills fan. No, I'm not bitter. As you'll see a little further down, I'm in the beginning stages of grief: denial and isolation. That's why when I woke up this morning and was planning this post, I could still think of a positive spin. By this afternoon, though, I moved on to the … [Read more...]

Bills need big win

A win, at home, would be big for Buffalo heading into a bye week, and it's more than feasible. I know, I know, every preview post is laden with this cautious optimism, but that's because I honestly go into every game Billieving this team can win. Take note: This week, Bruce Smith said the current d-line is the most talented, ever. No. 1, anything Smith says I'm going to automatically put on a pedestal and Billieve. No. 2, coming from a HOF defensive end from those golden years, that's not a light statement. If proven true this week, that will mean Titans' RB Chris Johnson won't be tacking many yards on to his recent rush streak and QB Matt Hasselbeck won't be connecting with rookie WR … [Read more...]

Bills pull off (stressful) OT win

This game was intense...shocker! I started off tweeting my despondency over Jackson's (out of character) fumble on the Bills' first possession and ended the game tweeting a request for hypothetical bail money. Conclusion of the week: the 19-16 overtime win over Arizona was a very Buffalo-esque game and OTs still wreak havoc on my life. Despair: check! Elation: check! Frustration/confusion: check! Disbelief: check! What went right: well, we won. Also, the run D really got itself together, stuffing the Cards on multiple crucial plays. Then there was that safety (thanks Chris Kelsay), which was borderline amazing, and Mario Williams' sack proved he showed up to play again. Jairus … [Read more...]