Goodell’s Pal Clears Him in Rice Tape-Gate

When surveillance video surfaced of former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice knocking out his then-fiance in an elevator, the NFL moved quickly to feign shock and convince us all that it was the first time anyone from the league's offices saw the tape or fully understood what happened. But despite the fact that all signs since then have pointed to some type of cover-up, an investigation handled by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's "inside man" Robert Mueller, has shockingly cleared Goodell and the league of any wrongdoing. *Insert eye roll here.* According to Mueller's newly released report: • We uncovered no evidence that anyone at the league received or viewed an in-elevator … [Read more...]

Oh Roger Goodell…Bless Your Heart

"Victory is Mine" That's what Saints linebacker Jon Vilma tweeted moments after learning his suspension and those of three other players would be overturned as part of the Saints' bounty scandal. Quoting a cartoon character from "Family Guy" was an apropos way to sum up what's been a joke of a scandal all off-season long. Punishments with no proof. Speculation with no substance. It hasn't flown with Saints fans. Apparently, it didn't fly with a 3-member appeals panel either. The panel ruled Vilma, Will Smith, Anthony Hargrove and Scott Fujita would be eligible to play this weekend. But it's not exactly over. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell could still step in and reinstate the … [Read more...]

When Pigskin Met Poker

They take part in one of the most profitable ventures in the world and they rake in millions every year. So how is it that so many NFL players end up broke? Maybe because so many of them gamble it all away in bad investments and baby mamas. (T.O. *Cough* T.O.) But it turns out some of them may be finding smarter ways to take a chance with their cash. They're taking part in one of America’s other extremely popular pastimes: Poker. Of course, the league has strict rules about players and gambling. But some players have either found a way around the rules via charity tournaments or they wait until after they’ve hung up their cleats for good to go “all in.” Below, we take a look at … [Read more...]

100 Million Reasons to Let the Vick Hate Go

You've already heard Michael Vick is about to make goo gobs of money, thanks to his new $100 million deal with the Eagles. But of course, this guy can't fart, much less get paid a crap load of money, without everybody weighing in on whether he deserves to breathe our air, because of his dog fighting conviction. His deal comes with a $40 million dollar guarantee, so apparently the Eagles are more than confident Vick will be the key to the team's successs. But of course, there's tons of media debate and "random person in the comments' section of an article" debate about whether Vick is "good enough" to get such a lucrative a player and in some instances, as a human being. … [Read more...]

Locked Out and Fed Up

Is it just me or does all this lockout drama have you feeling like a child of parents on the brink of divorce? It's like Mommy and Daddy are too busy fighting to care about my needs! And like any child dealing with feelings of resentment and neglect, I find myself turning to a common coping mechanism that just might come back to bite the NFL in the ass, lockout or not: rebellion. I'm not alone. Be it on message boards, Facebook or Twitter, many fans seem to be waking up to the fact that in this fight over billions between NFL owners and players, their loyalty, passion and devotion to America's sport doesn't mean squat. It wouldn't be so frustrating if fans weren't the ones responsible … [Read more...]