The Patriots’ Gary Guyton: For the Love of Our Boobies!

For New England Patriots linebacker Gary Guyton, observing Breast Cancer Awareness Month isn't merely a league ritual, it's a celebration. Number 59 plays with extra fire in his belly every game – not only in October – in honor of the real fighter in his life: his mother Janice, a breast cancer survivor. The Hinesville, Ga. native is a former Georgia Tech starter, where he was a teammate of Lions Chick's beloved Megatron (!) During his bye week, the fourth-year player chatted with the chicks to tell why his pink is personal. Q: Tell me a little about your connection to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A: My mother was diagnosed eight years ago, while I was a senior in high school. It … [Read more...]

Talk About Second Chances!!!

Rewind two years ago: It was the day before Lions training camp, July 2010, and the team had to make a huge announcement. Although linebacker Caleb Campbell was in their rookie draft class, the U.S. Army had decided that he could not play football. As a West Point graduate, there was a little bitty military commitment that took precedence. What's even more crazy is that the team knew before Caleb did! Not to disrespect the importance of service to our country...but way to crush his hopes and dreams! And why wait until he landed in Detroit to tell this man, that no, he had to serve two years' active duty instead. (I'm sure it wasn't too bad for him though - ladies love a man in uniform, be … [Read more...]

Musings on the Moves

Was anyone else so surprised that Colt McCoy was taken so late in the draft?  (And I love that his name sounds like a sexxy cowboy...always makes me wanna throw on sum daisy dukes and spurs... and I'll stop there w/my cowgirl fantasy.) And wtf happened?! Tim Tebow wasn't taken in the FIRST round? That's blasphemous!! And what happened to him going to Jacksonville? THAT woulda filled sum seats and sold sum tickets! And how do you go from the Gators to Denver? That warm-blooded child is gonna be sooo cold. OH - Say 'whut up doe'  to Chauncey Billups for me!!!! We still miss him here in Detroit. I'll be honest right now, last year I would have passed on Stafford and waited for Tebow to … [Read more...]

Don’t Say I Never Gave You Anything

This post is for you, 2010 NFL Draft Pick #255. Tim Toone, so what if you will henceforth be known as "Mr. Irrelevant"! Guess what? You still made it! You're still going to the bench in the Big Leagues! Whooo! Tell all your classmates with no jobs to suck on that! Yea, you were chosen by the Lions. Some people may try to hold that against you. You tell them to kick rocks because at the end of the day - literally, like the very end of the day - you're still among the Chosen Few. You're still gonna have a bigger salary than most of us who graduated with English degrees and history degrees and whatnot and are have to punch a time clock five days a damn week. You're not gonna be stuck in … [Read more...]

So Suh Me

His name means "house of spears," ladies and gentlemen...doesn't that sound imposing? And he's the defensive tackle from Nebraska who's going to save the day! (Just like Stafford was last year.) In the first round, the Lions took Ndamukong Suh (sounds like Sue), then we hit you with a shocker and gave away our second and fourth round picks to get RB Jahvid Best. To be quite honest, I don't know much about either of these kids, other than what the experts say. Apparently, Suh is a beast and a game-changer and he just controls the game when he's in there and he is a dominating force and, and, many other drool-worthy things. OK. Please forgive me, but I can't remember the … [Read more...]