Marques Colston Does it Again

Marques Colston has long been adored for Saints fans. He's one of the team's top wide receivers. He's the author of his own children's book. And he looks like this in a bathtub. Yet even with all that, Colston has found a way to out-marvelous himself. Today he's hand-delivering a check for $103,000 to Children's Hospital of New Orleans. The money will be put toward the purchase of a portable X-ray system for infants in the Neonatal ICU. A hospital spokesman told that the unit would help drastically reduce the number of newborn's exposed to radiation. So in case you were wondering, there are still some good-guys left in the NFL. … [Read more...]

Roman Harper: Let There Be Hope

Instead of focusing my energies on the sad reality that the Saints have under a week to reach a contract deal with quarterback Drew Brees, and that the guy who should be getting them ready for preseason is getting his freak on in the Bahamas, I'll allow myself to saunter off into a much healthier space. This week, my happy place is moving away from the Big Easy to, of all places, Montgomery, Alabama. That's where Saints Safety Roman Harper will help make the hurt go away. Harper is hosting his 3rd annual "Sainted Weekend: Mentoring Youth to Strengthen Families”. The weekend will feature a Kid’s Fun Day, Youth Leadership Dinner, Celebrity Cocktail Reception & Silent Auction and Celebrity … [Read more...]

Jermon Bushrod on Bounties, Brees & His Big Ole Heart

To say this has been a "difficult" offseason for the Saints would be as big an understatement as saying T.O.'s career is a "little bit" over. (I mean c'mon, a Dr. Phil "Baby Mama" episode, Terrell??) This offseason has been one dog fart after another. And if it has affected you as a fan, you've got to know it has been a total suck-fest for the players. So imagine my delight when upon talking to Saints Pro Bowl offensive lineman Jermon Bushrod, I discovered that despite the suck, he and his teammates are more determined than ever to accomplish great things. They are hungry for vengeance and redemption (and as you'll soon discover, perhaps some charbroiled oysters from Drago's, too.) … [Read more...]

Bart Scott’s Can’t Wait Grand Prix

I took off my emo, "I can't believe y'all got beaten like that by the Eagles yesterday" pants long enough to go to Bart Scott's Can't Wait Grand Prix Charity fundraiser for Eric Legrand. All funds raised went to the "A Son Never Forgets Foundation" founded in 2006, and dedicated to encouraging people affected by spinal cord injuries by providing resources during rehabilitation. If you don't know who this amazing young man is, he is a former Rutgers football player that suffered a severe spinal injury during a game in October 2010, and was paralyzed from the neck down. Scott and his teammates, along with some very generous donors raced go carts around the Pole Position Raceway in New … [Read more...]

The Patriots’ Gary Guyton: For the Love of Our Boobies!

For New England Patriots linebacker Gary Guyton, observing Breast Cancer Awareness Month isn't merely a league ritual, it's a celebration. Number 59 plays with extra fire in his belly every game – not only in October – in honor of the real fighter in his life: his mother Janice, a breast cancer survivor. The Hinesville, Ga. native is a former Georgia Tech starter, where he was a teammate of Lions Chick's beloved Megatron (!) During his bye week, the fourth-year player chatted with the chicks to tell why his pink is personal. Q: Tell me a little about your connection to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A: My mother was diagnosed eight years ago, while I was a senior in high school. It … [Read more...]