Heartwarming Children’s Book Based on Saints’ Marques Colston

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Marques Colston didn't earn the nickname "The Quiet Storm" because he likes to "make it rain" at the club. In fact, "clubbing it" is probably the last thing one would associate with the NFL star. He is a certified shy guy who would love nothing more than to stay out of the spotlight while taking care of business for his team on the football field. Imagine that? This ever-humble NFL anomaly inspired his business manager and personal friend to write a book that he hopes will inspire sportsmanship and compassion in an age of bullying and showboating run amock. It's called Young Marques Becomes a Quiet Storm and it is based on the Saints player's childhood … [Read more...]

Atlanta Falcons Do Something Awesome (VIDEO)

In the shadow of the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, nearly a dozen NFL players decided they wanted to do something on their first off day of the regular season to honor everyday heroes. Members of the Atlanta Falcons, including star running back Michael Turner and wide receiver Eric Weems, made a surprise visit to 3 metro Atlanta fire stations. The players not only thanked the firefighters for their service and sacrifice but they gave them an autographed game ball and tickets to this weekend's hot match up between the Falcons and the Philadelphia Eagles, led by former Falcon QB Mike Vick. Not a bad way for these guys to start the work week! Chicks in the Huddle's … [Read more...]

Breaking it to Barber

My dearest Barbarian Marion, I know in the past, on this blog, and other places on the interwebs, I may have said some of the following things: Marion Barber is the reason I love football. Marion Barber is my first favorite football player. Marion Barber wrote "G0d Bless" on the helmet I have, which means we are soul mates. I love Marion Barber. But, well, this is the thing.  I'm MARRIED.  I love you but I'm not IN LOVE with you.  I love you in the football sense.  I never thought I'd have to spell it out like this but now that you're moving to my city (insert Frank Sinatra's Chicago), I have no choice.  You're clearly moving here for me.  Duh. But, hey, don't worry. Listen, … [Read more...]

Chicks Chattin’ with (the sexy) Darren Sharper

I have barely hung on this summer with the lack of training camp, appearances, and all the goodies that the offseason offers. Friends have tried to entice me with baseball, but since I don’t recognize it as a sport, I cannot willingly watch something that boring (this includes golf as well). Hell, I found myself watching Canadian football earlier this summer. That’s like switching out Jerseylicious for Toddlers and Tiaras. Desperate for football and Saints players, I headed over to the Sharper-Harper Football Camp to check out their clinic for local kids at East Jeff High School earlier this week. The CBA and free agency were on everyone’s minds. Although both Sharper and Harper are … [Read more...]

Justin Tuck’s Celebrity Billiard’s Tournament Raises a Cool Million

Picture it; a red carpet event in the heart of Manhattan, the flashing lights of paparazzi cameras, hunks like Jets QB Mark Sanchez, hotties like Top Chef Host Padma Lakshima, and actors like "Law and Order's" Anthony Anderson and "90210's" Tristan Wilds. Chicks in the Huddle got an invite to take a bite out of this big apple scene, hosted by New York Giant Justin Tuck and his wife Lauran. While this might sound like a typical star studded night out shared between millionaires, it was actually a fabulous fundraiser that will help kids across the country get the tools they need to succeed. The 3rd Annual Tuck's Celebrity Billiards Tournament raised more than $1 million dollars for the … [Read more...]