Chick Chow: Roasted Falcon, Gamey But Good For The Soul

Ever go to a fancy-schmancy restaurant but vacillate on what to order? Seems like Sean Payton had the same dilemma recently, but in the end settled on the perfect meal, Roasted Falcon. It's a tender dish, but if the bird is not plucked, boiled, and cooked properly, it can lend a gamey taste. I recently read how our darling boys, Curtis Lofton and Junior Galette, adore plucking them Falcon meat so fear not, the Saints' defense will be ready come Sunday. My prediction for Sunday's game? Saints 34, Falcons 17. Today, I offer you my homemade re-creation of Roasted Falcon, using turkey, but you can also substitute it with duck or chicken as well. Who's going to know the difference--falcons, … [Read more...]

Chick Chow: Fried Falcon Eggs

So, it seems that our “friendly” rivals in Atlanta decided to egg the Saints’ team bus after the boys landed in that feral, rabies-infested, festering hole that they call ATL. Egging, really? That’s so 12-years old and hardly creative. Back in the day growing up in the enchanting Covington, Louisiana, kids knew how to vandalize and do it well. In their pre-teen years, they would  roll and egging houses (see, Atlanta, pre-teen years). Then, as time would pass, kids grew more sophisticated and moved onto forking houses on the night of the first frost (it’s harder to get the forks out). The piece de resistance was a bit more refined and my personal favorite, the shrimping of cars. A silent but … [Read more...]

Chick Chow: Falcon Pot Pie (Michael) Turner-overs

I hate the Falcons. Hate. Them. I hate them more than I hate Tony Hayward of BP “Let’s Spread Our Oil on Louisiana” fame. I hate them more than New Orleans’ former “Recovery Zsar” Ed Blakely. I hate them more than than I hate Michael “Heckuva Job Brownie” Brown. And, I'm still debating whether or not I hate them as much as I hate Roger Goodell. I just googled the word “hate” because I find myself at a loss to describe how I detest those nasty, stinking pigeons from that other Southern city and wanted to see how other sites define hate. And, you know what the third hit was?  A Saints fan hating those foul Falcons. Third hit--even before the Southern Poverty Law Center’s description of … [Read more...]

Chick Chow: Bayou Braised Dat-Wurst With Peppers

Oh, this 2-5 season has me so down in the dumps, I hardly know what to do with myself. There are times that I am so angry with the Saints that I want to write each one from our coaches to players and ball boys and ask them why they are doing this to me. What have I done in my past life that is (or was) so horrid that I’ve befallen this less-than-500 fate? This doesn’t even take into account that those nasty stinking pigeons from Atlanta are undefeated. When I think of that, my head starts to implode and I search for my smelling salts. One way that I’ve dealt with my recent entry into this new realm of utter depression and ammonium- sniffing is to throw my attention and effort … [Read more...]

Buffalo Chick Chow

Is it bad that I just don't feel like writing a preview for Sunday's Bills-Browns game? The matchup just seems so...lackluster. I'm not saying I expect an easy game or that the Browns couldn't pull out another win like the last pathetically low-scoring meet up a few years ago, but it just doesn't fill me with overwhelming elation and/or dread like other weeks. I'm a little concerned about the offense. Now that it's fired up it needs to maintain the momentum. Movement...down conversion...scoring. Movement...down conversion...scoring. Movement...down conversion...scoring. It just seems like Cleveland's defense has similarly been on a roll with sacks and turnovers. Sigh. I have faith. On … [Read more...]