Meet the Chick Behind “Rob Ryan’s Hair”

Despite that heartbreaking setback against the New England Patriots a couple weeks ago, the New Orleans Saints are still in many ways the team to beat in the NFC. They've got all the necessary ingredients to make it to Super Bowl XLIX: Sean Payton, Drew Brees and of course...Rob Ryan's hair. Oh...had you not heard? Saints Defensive Coach Rob Ryan is the Samson of the NFL. His strength and wisdom, deeply "rooted" if you will, within his silver strands of doom flowing from his slightly oversized head. It is indeed a modern marvel, one that has in fact inspired internet memes and its own Facebook fan page, appropriately titled: Rob Ryan's Hair, which currently has more than 16 thousand … [Read more...]

Lauren Silberman & the “Womp Womp” Heard ‘Round the World

As Lauren Silberman took to the field on Sunday to make history as the first woman to try out as an NFL kicker, I cued up Chaka Khan's "I'm Every Woman" in my head. Even if she didn't make it on a team, which no one expected she would, I fully expected her to represent for women everywhere, to at least show that she deserved to be there. Sure I got a little uneasy as I watched her take 20 seconds to tee up the ball, but that didn't stop me from mentally singing for Lauren: "Anything you want done baby. I do it naturally!" And then came the kick that sent the ball about 19 measly yards, counting the roll. I shifted uneasily in my seat but I tried to attribute her weak attempt to … [Read more...]

Female Kicker Signs Up for NFL Combine

Call it a publicity stunt or a score for gender equality, but however you choose to look at it, there's no stopping what's being seen as a history making moment in the NFL. A woman will be participating in this year's Regional Combine! 28-year-old Lauren Silberman admits she doesn't have any recent kicking experience on her resume although she was a soccer player at the University of Wisconsin. And in a recent interview, her dad told reporters that Silberman successfully kicked a 40-yard field goal. Needless to say, her qualifications to play in the NFL are a little thin. Meanwhile, that sound you just heard was douchebags exploding all across the U.S.A. That's because for many, … [Read more...]

Packers Cheerleader Fights Bullying (Must See)

It's been a tough year for Bears fans. Their team failed to make the playoffs AND they lost their coach. So in typical, classy Bears fan fashion, they took their aggression out on the person who REALLY deserved it. A former cheerleader for the Green Bay Packers. Someone put up a picture of Kaitlyn Collins on a Bears Facebook fan page and decided to diss her looks. And of course, other fans decided to pile on. The photo was eventually removed and the fans were chided for hitting below the belt. But Collins, being the tough Wisconsin broad she is, decided to fight back! Here's a video she posted on YouTube in response to the bullies. Who knew telling a group of people to f*ck … [Read more...]

Girl Football Star Scores Wheaties Cover

If you've wondered why the Saints' running game has gotten so much better over the last few weeks, maybe it's because they've been watching game tape of the hottest new stud to take the football world by storm. Sam Gordon showcases amazing moves on a highlight reel that went viral last week. Oh...we should also mention Sam is a 9-year-old girl. Her prowess has earned her spots on ESPN and the NFL Network. And while it's true that it doesn't take a lot to look sharp next to the likes of Warren Sapp, this ultimate "chick in the huddle" sure did hold her own with the former pros. Gordon's even got sports stars like Barry Sanders and Desmond Howard tweeting about her. She's like Danica … [Read more...]