Chick Fight: Redskins vs Cowboys

The Thanksgiving holiday reminds us all to reflect on our blessings while enjoying a delightful feast of fatty foods, begrudging the seat at the kiddie table and avoiding that uncle who spits while he talks. It’s enough to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! But this great American tradition wouldn’t be complete without a little trash talk and tackling. (And we’re not talking about what happens after grandma has one too many pieces of rum cake.) Football is at the heart of the holiday and we’re in for a lineup of games guaranteed to give you more heartburn than that third plate of stuffing you swore you wouldn’t eat. One of the oldest rivalries around will play out in Cowboys … [Read more...]

Chick Fight! Cowboys vs Ravens

In the National Football League, teams are supported by two separate yet equally important groups of female fans. The ladies who were born loving their teams and the ones who got sucked in somehow in the prime of their lives…and never looked back. These are their stories. *Boom Boom* This week’s Chick Fight pits two die-hards against each other who haven’t always spent their Sundays watching football and yelling at the TV. But even though they weren’t born addicted to the game, that doesn’t mean you should question their passion. After all, one of these ladies was recently inducted into the Guinness Hall of Fans. (Yep, that actually exists.) Before we breakdown the matchup … [Read more...]

Chick Fight: Clash of the Fans

Just when you thought the East Coast -West Coast battle ended with Tupac and Biggie, then came this week’s Chick Fight. In one corner, a die-hard female football fan with loads of “California Love” for her San Francisco 49ers. In the other corner, a Buffalo Bills believer who thinks QB Ryan Fitzpatrick “loves it when she calls him Big Poppa!” What never officially got settled in the hip-hop world could finally get settled on the field this Sunday when the Niners and Bills face off in a different kind of clash of the coasts. But before we get down to the gridiron nitty-gritty, get to know these superfans…and the creepy things they’ll do to try and will their teams to victory. Team … [Read more...]

First Female NFL Ref, But Hold Your Applause?

This Thursday, Chicks like us should relish the opportunity to hold our heads high. For the first time in NFL history, a woman will referee a preseason game. Her name is Shannon Eastin. And while female fans should be clinking their glasses of Pinot over the fact that this ridiculous glass ceiling has finally been broken, it's just not that simple. What you may not have heard is that NFL refs are pulling a page from their player brethren and staging a lockout. The labor fight has been going on since June. Since the regular refs have no intentions of crossing the picket line, the league is letting folks who have only served as referees for high school and even small college games … [Read more...]

What the NFL and Carrie Bradshaw Have in Common

The NFL is once again upping the apparel ante for women, by courting high fashion designer Marchesa to create a limited edition shirt for football fashionistas. If your definition of high fashion is something from Bebe, there's a good chance you have no idea who Marchesa is or why this is even a big deal. If so, no judgement. The chicks will bring you up to speed! Marchesa is the kind of label you would see on one of the "fab four" from Sex and the City. So yeah, a Marchesa purse will cost more than your mortgage. While the design and price of the shirt has yet to be revealed, it's hard to imagine folks who've been willing to pay $100 bucks a pop for a jersey will be too turned off … [Read more...]