Jim Harbaugh Yells… At Even Children

If you want a kinder, gentler Harbaugh, head to Baltimore. Jim Harbaugh wants nothing to do with kid gloves. Not even when it comes to dealing with actual kids. Check him out in the latest commercial for Visa, doing what he does best: making the masses uncomfortable. … [Read more...]

Evolution of the End Zone Dance

Remember back in the day when football players could have fun after they scored a touchdown? I think they called it something like a "touchdown dance"? From T.O.'s pom-pom shake with a cheerleader to Joe Horn's "Can You Hear Me Now" moment, touchdown dances were often times the best part of the game. So leave it to Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake to pay tribute to this relic in football history with a little something they call: "The Evolution of End Zone Dancing". … [Read more...]

Best Falcons Vs. Saints Trash Talk Memes

Call it the game...before the game. The bitter rivalry between the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints is playing out on the internet long before it plays out on the field this Sunday. As a die-hard, passionate, unabashed Atlanta Fail-cants hater and New Orleans Saints lover, I've gotten my fair share of giggles over the past few weeks reading the smack talking t-shirts and memes that so succinctly sum up all the game day hype. While some in the media have the Falcons as a favorite, we Saints fans know better. We just own that "Dirty Turd" team. Here are all the wonderful ways we've found to say just that. Gotta get that TIVO fixed... If at first you don't succeed, fail, … [Read more...]

The Giants’ Abs-olutely Fabulous Punter

My oh my, Steve Weatherford. What nice abs you have! The punter for the New York Giants gave us a reason to care about punters this week when he sent out this Instagram pic flashing his phenomenal six-pack. To quote Emma Stone's character from Crazy, Stupid, Love. "F**k! Seriously? It's like you're Photoshopped!" Weatherford hasn't been shy about his love for working out and keeping his body impeccably toned. He's even got his own fitness videos on YouTube. Whatever he's doing, keep doing it. And yes, please keep showing it off! … [Read more...]

Seahawks Touching Gesture

Move over, Russell Wilson. There's a new star of the Seattle Seahawks in town and he's earned more fan loyalty than you...before taking a single snap. His name is Kevin Lee and at the tender age of 12, he got to sign a contract with his favorite team. How's that for a rookie phenom? Lee got the opportunity through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He is suffering from a life threatening condition so the organization decided to help him take his mind off his health concerns, if only for a little while, by letting him hang out at the Seahawks practice facility, kick it with players and coaches and yes...even sign a contract. Check out his heartwarming "My Wish" segment on ESPN: … [Read more...]