Justin Tuck’s Celebrity Billiard’s Tournament Raises a Cool Million

Picture it; a red carpet event in the heart of Manhattan, the flashing lights of paparazzi cameras, hunks like Jets QB Mark Sanchez, hotties like Top Chef Host Padma Lakshima, and actors like "Law and Order's" Anthony Anderson and "90210's" Tristan Wilds. Chicks in the Huddle got an invite to take a bite out of this big apple scene, hosted by New York Giant Justin Tuck and his wife Lauran. While this might sound like a typical star studded night out shared between millionaires, it was actually a fabulous fundraiser that will help kids across the country get the tools they need to succeed. The 3rd Annual Tuck's Celebrity Billiards Tournament raised more than $1 million dollars for the … [Read more...]

NFL Wives Club: Meet Number Seven’s Number One

Kijafa Frink has reached that ever elusive "sweet spot." She's engaged to the love of her life, who just so happens to be one of the most exciting players in the NFL, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. She's also pursuing her own business and philanthropic ventures. But even with her family's long journey back to life in the fab lane, she's never too far removed from the dark detours that came along the way. Frink has been with Vick since before his days as the unofficial king of Atlanta and his emergence as quarterback for the Falcons. And when the football phenom's life went into a virtual free fall, she remained by his side through it all. In December of 2007, Vick was sentenced to … [Read more...]

Nicole Jennings: Hope All Around

Each week, Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings inspires hope. Some days it’s his positive attitude, others it’s his innate leadership, and still others it’s his level of play. This week, Jennings’ 30+ and 40+ receptions in Sunday’s victory over the Chicago Bears resulted in advantageous field positions that led to the Packers only two scores of the day. The 10-3 victory clinched a wild card position for the Packers . . . and the hope continues. But Greg isn’t the only member of the Jennings family who inspires hope amongst the city of Green Bay.  His wife, Nicole, recently involved herself with the local House of Hope program, which offers a safe and supportive place for young … [Read more...]

Brittany Brees: The Ultimate NFL Wife

Oh Brittany Brees, how my girl crush on you just grows and grows. Drew Brees' beautiful wife proves you don't have to suit up on Sundays to "take one for the team." In fact, the pregnant Brittany is such a team player, she's willing to not give birth on game day. Well, at least as far as her husband would know. Brittany says she's so committed to keeping Drew focused on his job when he's on the field, she won't even let him know if she begins to deliver their second child while he's playing a game. Her due date is October 18th. That's just one day after the Saints play the Buccaneers in Tampa Bay. Brittany says if she delivers a day earlier than expected, "He's not going to get … [Read more...]

The NFL Wives Club: Meet the Superwoman

Sabrina Coleman, the wife of Atlanta Falcons safety Erik Coleman, has "America's Sweetheart" written all over her. But get her in a gym and she's got the kind of fierceness and intensity that would make you think twice about cutting her off on the freeway. The brunette beauty instantly goes from Supermodel to Superwoman. Coleman, who is a new mom, is currently training to compete for Ms. Bikini Georgia. Her workout routine nearly rivals what her football player husband goes through to stay in shape for the NFL. So, as you might imagine, her body is sick. No, not "a boob job and 3 nip tucks later" fit. I'm talking a living, breathing She-Ra. While Coleman may have a hard … [Read more...]