Chick Pics

Saints vs Packers, Sept. 8, 2011

The lovely Lambeau Field. You can just smell football in the air!

Me and my peeps getting ready for game time!

Checkin’ out the action on the big screen!

Say your prayers, dawlin’. We’re gonna need ’em!

Random Packers hottie whose image needed to be captured…

I’m drunk. Who are these people?

Zach Strief’s Big Dream Foundation

Mother Hen’s all smiles with Mike McKenzie!

Lance Moore
And that lucky Chick even got to meet Lance Moore!

Monday Night Madness: Saints vs Falcons

Even Saints fans have groupies!

Time to leave those Falcons “all shook up!”

You don’t want none dirty bird!!

Chef Who Dat is serving up Bird Stew in Cafe 641!

And Nola Chick wants a heaping spoonful!

It’s game time baby!!

saints fans 2

saints fans1

saints fans 3

saints fans 4

saints vs falcons

saints vs falcons2

Saints at Dolphins

nola chick saints dolphins
The real MVP!


Tailgating…N’awlins style!

I spy the beer man!
I spy the beer man!

Sassy Saints Chicks!
Sassy Saints Chicks!

Who Dat?

Now THAT's a fan!
Now that’s a fan!

See you again in February!!
See you again in February!

Saints Mini-Camp

Sedrick the Entertainer

The Sharper Image: Darren canoodles with his newfound fans

Bobby McCray: “Yay! They give a crap about me!”

Hey Lance, you’re pulling those pants in the wrong direction.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…except for crabs.

Devery proves he can catch when it doesn’t count.

“So dude, I’m thinking of dumping Kim for this hottie named Nola Chick I met a few weeks back…”

(Sighs) I’m Lynell Hamilton, dude. I went to San Diego State. I was signed as an undrafted free agent last season. C’mon…anybody?

Marques has still got it. Oh, and his stride looks nice too.

Flexibility is never a bad thing

Hmmm…so the o-line doesn’t just hold on game day. Nice.

Will’s thinking what we’re thinking: this sh*t just ain’t the same without Deuce…

Reggie’s Pro Football Camp


Reggie and his proteges experience the joys of running north to south.

Here I am all up in his grill, restraining order be damned!

Yep, that’s me with the flip cam. I like to think of it as the stalker’s American Express card.

Right after I asked if I could tackle him.

Special Thanks to my photog, Mother Hen!

Saints Fan Luncheon

Charles Grant proves wearing sunglasses indoors isn’t just for douchebags anymore.

Pierre Thomas shows off that winning smile.

Hollis Thomas’ smile hides the pain of having to deal with the ‘non-lunch’ portion of the luncheon.

Jon Vilma considers tackling the photographer, just for practice.

Lance Moore flashes a smile.  The Chicks yearn for him to flash that six pack.

Marques Colston, looking more delicious than anything on the dessert tray.

Mike McKenzie channels his “inner P.Diddy.”

Not to be outdone, WWL’s Jim Henderson proves he’s got “groupies” too!

Two of Drew Brees’ biggest fans show off their swag.

Payton’s Black and Gold Gala: October 10, 2008

A special shout out to my favorite waiter!

Saints vs Texans: August 16th, 2008

A Meeting of the Minds

Marques: Up Close and Personal

He’s cute from behind, too!

Throw some “D” on it!

“Feed me Seymour!”

Saints Training Camp 2008

“Yes, I am hot as balls. And yes, I’m fully aware of it!”'s yellow but it doesn't taste like gatorage.  Damn camp pranksters!!!

“Tastes like cat pee. But oh-so refreshing!”

“I was like ‘oh no he didn’t’ and he was like

‘oh yes I did’ and I was like “child please!”

“And they said the midriff look is last season…

‘Auf u Heidi Klum!”

Yo Deuce…Nice ass!

Sarah Thomas: The Regulator

“No one saw me pick it. But will they see me eat it?!”

“No one lays a hand on Jason until I’m through with

him…got it?!”