Eagles Preseason Game 3: Two Observations

Eagles 31, Jaguars 24, Saturday, August 24, 2013 I'm not going to do a full game recap since it took so long for the game to broadcast - and me to have time to watch it - here in DC. For a detailed review, check out Iggles Blitz. For a more brief review, check out Bleeding Green Nation. Observation One: Tommy Lawlor says not to panic, and I respect Tommy, but the biggest thing I took away from the game was, "Bad Mike is back ALREADY?" Actually, of course, it's not Bad Mike - it's Inconsistent Mike Who Occasionally Makes Head-Smackingly Bad Decisions (Dude, why are you trying to throw the ball away WHILE JUMPING?!?!), which is, in some ways, worse. If he was just Bad Mike, the … [Read more...]

Did the Eagles Backup QB Fly or Flop?

Eagles 14, Panthers 9, Thursday, August 15, 2013 We learned: The offense can put up points, regardless of who's playing. Nick Foles starts every game with a #smh Keystone Kops type flub (Week 1: strip sack. Week 2: throwing a pick in the endzone. I shudder to think what will happen next week). Fortunately, he seems able to shake it off. The very mention of "special teams" will no longer send Eagles fans into a rage fog. We'll be able to watch kickoffs and punts and returns without large quantities of shots and/or wanting to repeatedly smash our heads into the coffee table. The defense looks better (where do you have to go from the bottom but up?). On the one hand, they … [Read more...]