Eagles Chick’s Week 3 NFL Picks

Note to Eagles fans: the Chiefs are not the Redskins or the Chargers. In fact, although it's early on, their defense is looking outstanding and continued to do so last night. It pained me to watch what they did to my Eagles in Andy Reid's epic return, but I can't say I didn't see it coming. Thanks to Reid, the Chiefs are playing smart, disciplined football on either side of the ball (kind of like the Eagles used to do in Andy's early years in Philly). So yeah, the Chiefs won. Big woop. Nothing to see here. And now...the rest of the matchups: Texans at Ravens - Both of these teams are struggling more than I expected them to so far, but I give the edge to the Texans, who are … [Read more...]

A Super Bowl Ticket Costs How Much???

As a reward to all you fans who faithfully support your team and spend your hard-earned money on season tickets and paraphernalia, the NFL has finally found a way to repay you for your loyalty, should your squad make it to the big game this season. They're hiking up the price of already ridiculously expensive Super Bowl tickets. Oh you reaaally shouldn't have! According to an article in the Wall St. Journal, the league is fed up with scalpers and third-party ticket websites making enormous profits off of Super Bowl ticket resales. So, instead of finding a way to stick it to the resellers, the league will instead stick it to the little guy. Here's the latest from the WSJ: According … [Read more...]

NFL Wives Club: Kristin Cavallari Debuts Fashion Line

We came to know her as "that beeyatch from Laguna Beach." Then, she evolved into "that beeyatch from The Hills." Following a few stints in bad movies and on bad TV shows, Kristin Cavallari has finally found a role we can get behind: designer of fabulous female football fan apparel. It's a venture that makes sense, given her innate fashion sense and the fact that she's literally married to the game. Cavallari is the wife of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. She recently unveiled her new line, in partnership with Junk Food Clothing, at New York Fashion Week. As for what inspired her to design female fan apparel, she says: "Football is a huge part of my life and fashion is a … [Read more...]

Jim Harbaugh Yells… At Even Children

If you want a kinder, gentler Harbaugh, head to Baltimore. Jim Harbaugh wants nothing to do with kid gloves. Not even when it comes to dealing with actual kids. Check him out in the latest commercial for Visa, doing what he does best: making the masses uncomfortable. … [Read more...]

Law & Order: 49ers Unit

It's true, rivalry games tend to bring out the worst in us football fans. I've seen even the most soft-spoken, non-confrontational among us turn into violent, raging, lunatics when faced with a fan of a hated division rival. (Sorry, Mom. I know I swore not to speak of that Falcons game, again.) Anyways, it was only a matter of time until stadiums would start going the extra mile to step up security and make sure good ole fashioned trash talk doesn't end in bloodshed. The Seattle Police Department will send undercover cops to the Seahawks game versus the San Francisco 49ers this week, and they'll be dressed as 49ers fans. It's an attempt to make sure the 12th man sticks to verbal … [Read more...]